Camille Rose Gourmet Blends Our Team Can't Live Without

We’ve been in the kitchen creating new gourmet blends to bring you that will help nourish and condition your hair and body. Each blend is always created with the customer in mind and the goal of making your natural hair journey and self care regimen as enjoyable, unique and healthy as possible. Our team loves the products so much that many have become staples in their daily routines! As we continue to develop awesome products just for you, our Camille Rose team members share some of their favorite sweet gourmet blends and how to creatively use them each day:

Favorite CR product: Clean Rinse Moisturizing & Clarifying Shampoo
Angela says: “So many to choose from, between my daughter and I, we have several. The products vary because we have different hair types, but there is one thing we have in common, build-up.
Our regimen for build-up includes oiling the scalp with OUD Rich Infusion Hair Oil, letting that sit for 30 minutes or so to help with repair and dryness from the sun, sweat, dirt, and more. Then, followed by our favorite Clean Rinse Moisturizing & Clarifying Shampoo. The tingly sensation from it penetrating our scalp is such a relief from the itchiness and dryness; the fresh peppermint scent is so soothing. After cleansing and conditioning, we liberally apply a leave-in and style with other amazing products like Curl Love Moisture Milk, Curl Maker, and the Lavender Edge Glaze.

Additional products Angela loves:
• Oud Rich Infusion Hair Oil
• Honey Hydrate Leave-in
• Curl Love Moisture Milk
Curl Maker
Lavender Edge Glaze

Favorite CR product: Curl Love Moisture Milk

Tanya says: “C'mon now! It would be insane to choose just one product! :) For the sake of the blog, I LOVE Curl Love Moisture Milk! But I also LOVE the Coconut Water Leave-In Treatment! Both leave-ins are moisture-packed and extremely versatile. I love being able to style with them on their own or pairing them with a butter for longer-lasting hold. Curl Love Moisture Milk was the very first product that I used when I first started to take my natural journey seriously.”

How you can creatively add it to your hair routine: Start by washing and cleansing your hair with your favorite Camille Rose shampoo and conditioner. Leaving your hair damp, section your hair into 10 sections. In each section, apply the Curl Love Moisture Milk from root to tip. Braid each section down to the tip, adding a soft or hard roller to the tips. Sit under a home dryer for an hour, or let air dry overnight for at least 8 hours. After your hair is completely dry, remove the curlers and unbraid each section. Fluff lightly with your hair pick – BOOM! You have a soft, well-conditioned braid out!

Additional products Tanya loves:
The entire Coconut Water Collection

Favorite CR product: Cupuacu Sweet Cream

Jaleesa says: "It's so tough to pick just one favorite when Camille Rose is literally everywhere in my home, but I'd have to pick the Cupuacu Sweet Cream. I carry the blend with me at all times, and it keeps my skin moisturized and nourished for hours. Plus, it smells deliciously sweet and I'm filled with compliments wherever I go!"

How you can creatively add it to your moisturizing routine:
After soaking in a nice and warm bubble bath with the Camille Rose Organic Honey Bath Elixir, lather the Cupuacu Sweet Cream right after bathing, but before drying completely off. The water from your bath will help the cream deeply penetrate your skin, leaving you feeling clean, soft, smooth, and relaxed!

Additional product(s) Jaleesa loves:

• Camille Rose Organic Honey Bath Elixir

What are your favorite Camille Rose beauty routines? We’d love to know. Share with us on IG @CamilleRoseNaturals