Camille Rose Salutes These Black Beauty Changemakers

Camille Rose Salutes These Black Beauty Changemakers
Happy Black History Month, Rosettes! In celebration of BHM this week, Camille's Corner honors Black women who have made their mark on the beauty industry. From artists to entrepreneurs (and everything in between), these ladies of the culture made moves that changed the beauty game forever.

Christina Jenkins
Many of us have rocked a weave, but few know the origins of this beauty staple. In 1949, working for a wig company, Louisiana-born Christine Jenkins was inspired to make attachable hair extensions sit better.

Putting her background in science to work, Jenkins created the 'Hair-Weeve' aka sew-in. Dedicated to her craft, Jenkins opened a salon and traveled the world teaching cosmetologists her innovative technique.

Pat McGrath
Proclaimed the "most influential makeup artist in the world" by Vogue's Anna Wintour, Pat McGrath built her legendary beauty brand from the ground up. Inspired by her mother, a fashion-loving dressmaker, Pat McGrath focuses on "bringing more excellence into the market and pushing the science of makeup."

Her Pat McGrath Labs brand has been wildly successful since day one, its valuation hitting one billion after only three years in operation (via Harper's Bazaar).

Murjoni Merriweather
When it comes to Black beauty, representation is everything. Artists like Murjoni Merriweather are disrupting negative stereotypes by showcasing Black beauty in all its glory. Highlighting real people, Merriweather's work centers on Black beauty, body, culture, and experiences.

Using her artwork, the Baltimore-based artist intends to uplift the Black community while eliminating prejudice. Revered by the contemporary art world, Merriweather is an artist that uses her craft to connect the worlds of art and beauty in new and incomparable ways.

Brittany Golden
Let's face it — the nail girlies were panicking during the pandemic. With shops shut down and no clear end in sight, many of us took the DIY route, learning to maneuver through giving ourselves manicures. Brittany Golden was one of them, diving into the art of acrylics.

After finding the process damaging, expensive, and time-consuming, Golden got into press-on nails. She then founded IGL Nails with the mission of helping people "never have fugly nails." As seen on NYX Cosmetics models, IGL Nails continues to grow, with Golden hoping to become the biggest press-on nail company on the market (via InStyle).

Janell Stephens
What would any list of Black beauty trailblazers be without mentioning our iconic founder, Janell Stephens? Stephens established Camille Rose to share nourishing, whole health products with the world. Created with all-natural, vegan ingredients, each product is a love letter to living your best life.

As we finish the month getting back to our roots, check out our latest Rosemary line. From the Rosemary Oil Strengthening Hair Drops to the Rosemary Hair and Scalp Mask and 5-Minute Strengthening Mask duo, this line is it when it comes to strengthening strands and promoting healthy new growth. The best part about this capsule? It's available in retail stores like Target, CVS, and Ulta, so you can be #RootedinRosemary quickly.

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