How Businesswoman Regan Farley Reaches Success With Style And Grace

How Businesswoman Regan Farley Reaches Success With Style And Grace
Entrepreneur Regan Farley remains on the move. The publicist and one-half of PR firm Intel Media Group is a firm believer in the phrase, "the early bird gets the worm." But, despite her packed schedule, the Baltimore native says, her beauty and self-care routines are top priorities.

She maintains her hair's natural luster and health by religiously keeping her salon visits, avoiding damaging products and treatments, and keeping a few Camille Rose blends on deck.

"I am natural in the sense of no perm. Now with my beauty routine, I am a salon girl, but when I have my braids, I use Camille Rose sprays that I love, and I've also used Camille Rose's edge control. For me, maintaining my hair looks like making sure it's washed and conditioned and using products to help with that," she said.

Farley is like many Rosettes living fast-paced lives that avoid dry scalps and breakage with sprays like the Honey Dew Liquid Moisture Refresher during protective styles. Farley says it's essential that she takes care of her hair between salon visits.

Similarly, just as Farley is intentional about her hair, she is just as disciplined in her career. Early on, she worked with some of the largest companies and brands in entertainment, such as Universal Media Group, Fox Broadcasting Company, and many more. In a decade, she's created a strong network that she now leverages for other businesses.

"No matter where I've worked, I've always deemed it necessary to do my own thing and move the needle for what public relations looks like as a Black entrepreneur," she said," I'm a solid strategist. For me, it's seeing the big picture and ensuring the dots are connected. I ensure that the messaging is pushed out on our clients' platforms and that the general public knows our client's brand missions and visions."

While her success appears easy, she admits she's overcome several obstacles on her career path.

"The little nuances of building a business are what can be difficult the further you climb and become a thought leader in your space. Building a team and finding the right people has challenged me."

While the HBCU grad touts a stellar resume, she shares that her journey is just starting.

"In the next five years, I want to run a multi-million dollar public relations firm, moreso not executing. I'm just overseeing brand strategy and big-picture items."

Luckily for the hundreds of clients she and her partner support, those obstacles only reinforce her resolve.

"We don't let those things get the better of us because I think what's important is knowing your worth, showing what that looks like, pulling someone else up to ensure that they are successful behind you, and that's how you're blessed, and that's how you overcome anything that life throws at you."

Farley recommends remaining curious and staying abreast of industry trends for younger Rosettes interested in a career in public relations.

"Stop at nothing to make your dreams come true, but more importantly, always remain a student. If you're not learning, you're not growing. If you think you know it all, you've already failed."

Farley tells Camille's Corner that public relations isn't about self-praise but how others perceive you. From this perspective, it's clear why she excels. Her innate desire to help others push through and reach their goals indicates her longevity in the business.

"I can do a ton of things in the world. I could reach all the different goals that I want, but having the ability to pour back into someone else is important to me."

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Honey Dew- Liquid Moisture Refresher

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