Camille Rose-Approved Detangling Recipes for High Porosity Hair To Maximum Hair Manageability

Camille Rose-Approved Detangling Recipes for High Porosity Hair To Maximum Hair Manageability
Rosettes, your curly strands are beautiful and unique—every strand twirls and spirals in such a miraculous design that it defies gravity. With all its magical capabilities, natural strands are also more prone to damage if not cared for properly. Whether you’re a natural hair pro or a newbie to the game, there is a Camille Rose blend for every stage of your journey with your hair’s needs in mind. When it comes to high porous textured hair, sourcing Mother Nature’s most potent botanicals and herbs are essential to compliment your tresses and, of course, make styling easier. If you’re challenged with manageability, you’re not alone, and we’re here to help you retain length and minimize breakage.

Getting to know your hair from the roots
First and foremost, how well do you know your hair? Have you taken the time to define your hair type and porosity? If not, now is the time to investigate. Understanding your hair profile allows you to choose the best products for maximum hair health. But—what's hair porosity, and how do you figure out your own?

According to research, hair porosity is defined as your strand’s ability to absorb and retain moisture, and the hair shaft's cuticle is responsible for this. How well your hair can allow oils and moisture to flow between its cuticle is critical to identifying the healthiest hair care routine for yourself.

Hair porosity is measured from low, average, to high, and you can test it by dipping a few strands into water and observing the absorption. High porous hair will sink to the bottom.

High-porosity hair absorbs water and oil quickly. Unlike low or medium porosity locks, high porosity does better without heat and chemical treatments.

Why does high-porous hair tangle?
While high porous hair absorbs water and oil –it doesn't retain moisture for long. This is because the hair's cuticles, which lay flat when healthy, have been lifted and are no longer in an ideal condition. Because the cuticles are aggressively raised, the strands tangle onto each other. In addition to easily tangling –high porous hair is also more susceptible to extreme dryness and lack of shine.

If you're experiencing tangles and/or knots with your high-porous strands, here are three Camille Rose-approved recommendations to prevent unnecessary pain and damage.

Here’s why deep conditioning makes managing your hair easier
To assist your hair in retaining moisture and prevent thirsty and dehydrated tresses – be prepared to deep condition hair often. There’s a reason Rosettes flock to Camille Rose’s rich and creamy Algae Renew Deep Conditioner. It’s packed with gourmet ingredients like blue-green algae enriched with vitamins and proteins to strengthen hair and tropical mango butter to seal in moisture. Together, these ingredients work to deeply penetrate and rejuvenate the scalp while protecting the cuticle from the inside out.

Pre-pooing before a full hair cleanse for added hydration
High-porous hair requires effort and consistency. One way to ensure your hair's cuticles are healthy is by pre-pooing with oil before washing. This helps lock in moisture without releasing it back into the air. The restorative ayurvedic virgin Amala oil and Brahmi herbal infusion in Camille Rose’s Cocoa Nibs + Honey Ultimate Strength Serum is a healing treatment that should be a staple in your routine. Since amla oil is highly effective in rejuvenating blood flow to the scalp and can be easily penetrated within the hair shaft, this would be a great option to use as a sealant.

Add detangling products to your hair rituals to maximize results
Your high porous high is unique and requires more TLC. Use a refresher for a quick pick-me-up or to soothe your hair. Lavender Shaken Hair Spritzer is powerful and gets results! This lightweight mist is crafted with nourishing lavender oil and just the right amount of sweetness for an aromatic blend that smells amazing and moisturizes dry or wet hair.

Algae Renew Deep Conditioner
Algae Renew Deep Conditioner

Algae Renew Deep Conditioner

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