The Rosettes On Tik Tok Sharing Their Secrets For Maxing Out Growth & Retaining Length

The Rosettes On Tik Tok Sharing Their Secrets For Maxing Out Growth & Retaining Length

It doesn’t take long to scroll and find Rosettes with diverse textures flaunting their natural curls full of body and major length across social media. But--if you struggling to retain your inches and achieve your length goals, you’re left wondering how to achieve similar success. And you’re not alone. Hair loss impacts nearly 80 million Americans annually. 

Hair thinning, loss, and breakage are caused by a multitude of factors, including stress, aging, illness, vitamin deficiencies, and more. So, before starting any hair regime, consider examining underlying illnesses, lifestyle factors, and overall diet impacting your hair blank.

The next part, which is the most exciting, is finding the right products to revive your strands and jumpstart your hair growth. With so much information available, we curated hair secrets from some of our favorite Rosettes on Tik Tokers, sharing how they use Camille Rose to revitalize their hair rituals.

So, let’s get into it.

Cocoa Nibs and Rejuva Drops for optimal hair growth
Hair is a reflection of you, your personality, and your identity. Combating hair loss is a personal journey that requires carefully-curated products like Camille Rose’s dynamic duo Cocoa Nibs and Rejuva Drops. While each is exceptional on its own, like Tik Tok mentions, using both is a kick-start for regrowth. stimulate blood circulation to the hair follicles to help promote hair growth. Cocoa Nibs + Honey Ultimate Strength Serum is enriched with Virgin Amala Oil and Brahmi blank that thickens and nourishes strands. Reujva Drops harness the power of Saw Palmetto, Peppermint, and Castor Beans to balance the scalp and block DHT to address thinning and breakage to achieve excellent results, as shown by @hairbyjojo.

Prevent hair breakage with Honey Leave-In conditioner
The good news is your hair is growing. According to research, hair grows about on average one centimeter every month. However, the key to length is preventing breakage and split ends from stalling your progress. Camille Rose’s Honey Leave-In Conditioner is just what the doctor ordered. This golden and moistening emollient coats each strand with hydration. For added benefit, olive fruit juices packed with vitamin E and antioxidants protect hair from root to tip, leaving a soft and healthy finish.

Cleansing made easy for low-porosity hair
For low-porosity hair, keeping your locks hydrated can feel like a never-ending battle. Thankfully, Tik-Tokers with similar hair struggles are sharing the holy grail. Adding Camille Rose Sweet Ginger Cleansing Rinse, Moroccan Pear Curl Custard and Curl Maker is the trio that you didn’t know you needed. Ease wash day, avoid split ends from detangling and boost shine with ingredients like Marshmallow Root and Aloe Vera Juices.

Now is the perfect time elevate your hair growth journey with these blends and more at Sally Beauty. Get 25% off all hair mixtures and get the hair you deserve!

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