Meet Celebrity Chef Shawn Osbey

Meet Celebrity Chef Shawn Osbey

Beauté Noir is known for presenting the finest, and this year is no different. We’re excited to announce that celebrity chef Shawn Osbey will be gracing our gala with fine eats and delicious treats. This week, we’re taking an inside look at Chef Shawn Osbey and what we can expect at this year’s Beauté Noir.

Checking In with Chef Osbey
Chef Shawn Osbey - better known as Chef Shawn to fans and clients alike, has been in the culinary game for over 10 years. Known as “the traveling Chef,” Osbey prides himself on creating exceptional culinary experiences alongside unforgettable meals all around the world.

One highlight in Osbey’s amazing track record was being featured as lead chef on OWN Networks’ “Checked Inn.” Starring ex-Editor-in-Chief of Essence Magazine, Monique Greenwood, the “Checked Inn” docu-series chronicled the ins and outs of innkeeping and kicked off with an extravagant private luncheon held by OWN Networks.

With the breathtaking Wimbush House in Atlanta as the backdrop, guests were welcomed to a full buffet spread prepared by Osbey as they engaged in discussion with both Greenwood and Osbey himself.

For the Kulture
No stranger to being a part of epic events, Chef Shawn is currently a part of the Black Chef Table Series, which puts the spotlight on talented Black chefs. Led by Chef Kiesha Griggs and restauranteur Marcus Davis, the mission behind the Black Chef Table series is to bring together Black culinary artists and give them a platform to tell their cultural stories through food.


Held at Kulture Restaurant in Houston, TX, the Black Chef Table Series presents dishes prepared with ingredients from local African American farms and gardens that celebrate the African diaspora — from the Americas, the Carribean, and beyond.

Always one to cultivate a memorable experience, Osbey’s contribution to the Black Chef Table Series is bringing Sunday dinner back. Citing his mom as the source for his love of cooking, Sunday dinners for Osbey means delicious cuisine with a side of camaraderie, and that’s just the vibe he aims to bring to Kulture’s series.

With fresh takes on familiar flavors and the vision to bring Sunday dinner energy to Friday and Saturday nights, Chef Shawn is shaking up the downtown Houston dining scene, one delectable platter at a time.

Nosh at Beauté Noir
Paying tribute through arts, entertainment, music, and more, Beauté Noir is a celebration of Juneteenth and the beauty of Black culture in all of its many aspects. That said, we can’t wait to get our eat on with Chef Shawn!

This year, Beauté Noir features high-end food baskets for two prepared by Chef Shawn Osbey himself. Start out with appetizers of roasted garlic and lemon hummus with cucumbers, celery, carrots and naan bread alongside carefully curated charcuterie cheeses with fresh fruit, then choose your entree upon arrival. Pick from a variety of elevated gourmet picnic meals (Grilled Pesto Chicken Sandwich, Ultimate Club Sandwich, or Grilled Curry Vegetable Wrap), all topped off with a handcrafted brownie dessert.

Save the date and don’t forget to get your tickets to Beauté Noir before they’re gone!

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