Camille Rose-Approved Labor Day Beauty Must-Haves

Camille Rose-Approved Labor Day Beauty Must-Haves
Labor Day is bittersweet. On the one hand, you’re probably getting ready to jet-set on the beautiful beaches of Miami with your closest friends and reconnect, but on the other- it’s a reminder that summer is coming close. While we’ll miss the long summer nights, we hope you seize the last moments with your loved ones and create lasting memories.

Whether packing up for a long-awaited tropical getaway to Bora Bora or keeping it more intimate at your family’s pool party, we want you to look your best, so skimping out on your beauty essentials is non-negotiable. From keeping your scalp clean and refreshed to ensure your skin is flawless for your Instagram pictures, you’ll want to be sure you don’t leave the house without our one-stop beauty must-haves list.

Let’s get into it!

Show of hands: how many have left the house with well-defined curls only to be greeted by frizzy tresses by noon? If you can relate, this Labor Day, avoid the poof by adding a spritzer to your hair throughout the day could make the difference.

A spritzer offers hair hold but flexibility. Try a spritzer like Camille Rose Lavender Shaken Spritzer, which elongates updo styles while providing shine on natural texture. Organic lavender oil adds moisture to your strands and scalp for shiny and luxurious tresses. This product strengthens hair and can easily fit in a purse and work drawer for a quick hair pick-me-upper throughout the day.

Face and Body Exfoliant
Before you hit the family barbeque or hang out with your best friend for your final summer getaway, it’s crucial to ensure your skin looks its best. But, we’re not just talking about keeping your skin glowing; we are talking about the details. Camille Rose’s entire FACE collection is a must, but for softer and supple skin, the FACE Seedless Skin-Pore-Perfecting Facial Exfoliator is a go-to we have to talk about. Enriched with blank, Seedless skin gently removes dead skin cells on the outer layer of the skin, promoting cell turnover for a healthier and brighter complexion when used consistently. Enriched with charcoal and jojoba oil, it can prevent acne breakouts and break pigmented cells apart, lessening their appearance. However, there is a caveat, over-usage of any exfoliating product can induce further skin irritation, striping the skin of its natural oils. General recommendations are contingent upon your skin type and tolerance level.

Camille Rose Body Collection
We’ve got your face covered, but keeping your entire body blemish-free is also a priority. Prevent ingrown hairs and body acne by buffering your target areas with Camille Rose Body Collection. The duo includes our Orange Honey Bath Elixir, Carmelized Cane, and Sugar Balm. Combined, they are the perfect ally for buttery soft skin that is bikini-ready as it’s whipped with succulent honey to keep your skin moisturized, healthy, and luminous. Not to mention its intoxicating and alluring fragrance.

Camille Rose Beauty Tote
Have you ever lost your favorite lip gloss or beauty product? Or, worse, do you find yourself scrummaging through your purse, trying to locate your hairspray for a quick touchup? We’ve all been there, and luckily, Camille Rose has introduced their newest beauty totes for your added convenience. Camille Rose latest beauty totes are stylish and make hauling your favorite hair, skin, and body blends that you can’t leave the house without more accessible. These all-purpose canvas totes are great for organizing and storing your phone and any beauty tidbits, minus the hassle.

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