How Black Influencers Are Defying Beauty Standards

How Black Influencers Are Defying Beauty Standards

We've all heard the saying, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." The long-held phrase is reemerging on the scene with a bit of a twist. Now, not only is beauty in the eye of the beholder, but it's more inclusive and leaves no one feeling left out.

Black beauty influencers have taken to social media and are shaking the table regarding traditional beauty standards. Grammy-award-winning musician and pop superstar Lizzo has unapologetically used her platform and rise to fame to amplify the need for body positivity. Her latest cover of People's Changing the World issue indicates her larger mission to encourage women to embrace themselves and do away with unrealistic beauty quotas.

Fortunately, Lizzo is in good company. Black women from all walks of life are taking a collective stand to change how beauty is perceived and consumed. Check out these trailblazers impacting the culture for good, from creators to actresses and everything in between.

Lauren "Lolo" Spencer
Actress, model, advocate, and content creator Lauren "Lolo' Spencer kept viewers laughing and entertained as the outgoing and spunky freshman on HBO Max's original series 'The Sex Lives of College Girls.' Her charisma and comedic whips are just one of her many talents, just to name a. Apart, what makes "Lolo" such a standout is her tenacity, courage, and ability to push through life's challenges.

At the tender age of 14, Lolo was diagnosed with ALS, which significantly weakens muscles and impairs physical functions. Those with the debilitating condition have an estimated life expectancy of two to five years. Despite the diagnosis, Spencer's determination to succeed paved a new wave for younger generations to follow. Standing in her truth, she is redefining old beauty motifs unapologetically.

Achieng Agutu
Every day more than 480K Instagram followers check in with Achieng Agutu for a brief confidence boost and a hit of fun and entertainment. The self-dubbed "tantalizing confidence queen," Agutu, is a voluptuous beauty who isn't afraid to show off her curves with a bit of attitude. Her claim to fame is simple. She encourages her followers to hype themselves up and honor their true selves inside and out.

What started as simple motivating posts for her personal self-care morning ritual has now transformed into a full-blown brand of positivity. Agutu has been featured in magazines and The Ellen DeGeneres Show, all while racking up partnerships with brands like Matte Swim collection, where she stunned onlookers ripping the runway.

Nyma Tang
Dallas-based YouTube and social activist Nyma Tang advocates for skin complexion inclusivity in the beauty world and across society. Her Youtube channel amasses more than 1 million subscribers who tune in for her glamorous makeup tutorials, skincare routines, personal anecdotes, and flawless fashion sense. In her unique style, Tang highlights the experiences of darker-hued people who too often struggle to find their perfect makeup shade. Her work highlights a much-needed conversation that is well overdue, and the industry is taking notice. She consults with brand product developers and has even served as the first Beauty Inclusivity Consultant for CVS for their Beauty Mark Initiative.

Gone are the days when only the world's most sought-after supermodels and celebrities dominated the scene and set the beauty trends. Thankfully, today, social media has allowed the balance of power to shift significantly. Black women Influencers are rightfully taking the throne as icons becoming the muses of some of the culture's biggest heavy hitters and we're here for it. 

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