No More Predictable Halloween Costumes, Try These 90s-Inspired Looks Instead

No More Predictable Halloween Costumes, Try These 90s-Inspired Looks Instead
Halloween is a particular time originating from the ancient Samhain Celtic festival. Similarly to modern celebrations, Samhain honored the holiday with bonfires and wore costumes to fend off ghosts. Today, many of those same traditions remain, and here at Camille’s Corners, our practice is to showcase Rosettes’ boo-tiful looks. Over the years, we’ve watched Rosettes transform into reindeer, Beyonce as Foxy Cleopatra, and even Disney’s Princess Tiana. We expect no less this year, so we’re giving you a head start to create ideas inspired by some of the most memorable characters from the 1990s.

So without further ado, check out these outside-of-the-box looks to inspire your costume.

The Powerpuff Girls
In 1998, the Powerpuff Girls emerged on the scene with superhuman powers and bubbly personalities. Today, Buttercup, Blossom, and Bubbles are still imprinted in our hearts, and their signature looks are iconic. This Halloween, tap into your superhuman creativity like @b_dockk and make this idea your own. You can use items in your closet, like a wig or hair extensions, with a bit of glamorous makeup for a complete look.

MTV’s Daria
Who remembers the classic MTV television series, ‘Daria?’ Ranked among the top 50 adult animated series of all time by TV Guide, its lead character Daria became a standout as the uber alternative high schooler. Opting for Daria would be a hit if you’re looking for a more subtle vibe this season. Cosplay extraordinaire @andreariquena recreated the character with a twist. Rocking black, straight, and long hair with Daria’s signature black glasses, we loved how Andrea brought back that 1990’s nostalgia.

Debbie and Eliza Thornberry
Before Instagram travel influencers dominated the scenes, Nickelodeon’s animated series ‘The Wild Thornberrys’ brought adventure and jet setting to the mainstage. The series captured the experiences of a family globetrotting from coast to coast and caught viewed attention with two of its lead characters, Debbie and Eliza. Step up your costume game like @kieraplease, who reinvented both characters. For Eliza, show off her red pigtails with your choice of yellow dress and red necktie. Want to try Debbie on for size? Go complete 1990s grunge with flannel and blonde hair, and be sure to bring some attitude.

Sister, Sister
Tia and Tamera Mowry stole American hearts as the identical twins lost at birth but reunited as teens on the hit show, ‘Sister, Sister.’ From their teenage mischief to sharing their sisterly bond, this sitcom made younger viewers feel connected, seen, and heard. You’ll need a friend to channel this 90s aesthetic for a double dose of Halloween treats. And mini Rosettes @themcgeetwins showed us how it is done. Full of cuteness, these twins gave us all the reviews of your favorite episodes for inspiration and added a fun spin to your style to pay homage to the 90s icons.

The 1990s gave us entertainment that made a long-standing impact on culture and entertainment. From great style and beauty to hairstyles we still love, Halloween is the perfect time to pay homage to a time we loved. No matter what look you choose this year, make it remarkable. We’ll be watching.

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