Camille Rose's Beginners Guide to Caring for Multi-Textured Hair

Camille Rose's Beginners Guide to Caring for Multi-Textured Hair
What’s up, Rosettes? This week, it’s all about texture, texture, texture. Having a mane with more than one texture is more common than you might think. With an estimated 65% of the U.S. population having naturally curly, coily, or kinky hair, it figures that most people are working with more than one hair type.

Come with us on a deep dive into the ins and outs of multi-textured hair and how to give it the attention it craves.

Let’s talk texture
The first step to treating your multi-textured hair right is discovering what your hair types are. Hair type has as much to do with texture as it does with porosity with Type 1a being the straightest and Type 4c, the kinkiest.

Want to find out what your hair types are? Take a look at your hair after it’s freshly washed. The hair that dries completely straight is Type 1. If it dries wavy, it’s likely a Type 2. If your hair dries curly, that’s Type 3 hair, and if you’ve got kinks and coils, that’s definitely a Type 4.

Generally, hair that falls under the A sub-type has the thinnest strand size, while sub-type C has the thickest strands - sub-type B falls somewhere in the middle.

The ABC’s of strand TLC
Once you’ve figured out what types of hair you have where, it’s time to focus on care.

Start out with a gentle cleanser that works well for all types of hair, like Camille Rose Sweet Ginger Cleansing Rinse. This cleanser utilizes fresh sweet ginger root and energizing lemon peel to rid hair of dirt and debris without stripping away moisture or natural oils.

Next, focus on your specific hair types. Wavy and curly (usually 2a to 3b) types will love our Coconut Water Penetrating Hair Treatment. Tropical coconut and aloe juices are combined with pressed cocoa beads, palm kernel, marshmallow root and argan fruit to nourish, detangle and soften.

Coily and kinky types (typically 3c to 4c) should check out Camille Rose fan favorite Lavender Quench Deep Conditioner. This stimulating hair and scalp deep conditioner features Argan mint oil and aloe juice extract to restore moisture to scalp and strands while promoting healthy hair growth.

For best results, separate your hair by type and apply the suitable product to the suitable areas, then wear a plastic cap for 20 minutes to allow the product to deeply penetrate the hair follicles before rinsing.

Hair styling tips and tricks
When it comes to multi-textured hair, variety is your best friend. You may want to try a combination of styles, like putting your hair half up in Bantu buns and half down in a wash-n-go, or trying a combination of braids and twists.

Want to keep it simple? A braid-out or twist-out works great on all hair types. Try our Almond Jai Twisting Butter crafted with almond milk and sweet honey to set whatever style you choose while adding extra moisture to your tresses.

Do you have multi-textured hair? What are some of your favorite go-to hair hacks?



Hello, I’m trying to find out the best products for my hair. I have 2a/2b hair that’s low porosity. My scalp usually get dandruff after I don’t wash it for one day. I was every single day, if I don’t it’ll make me end up with an itchy and dandruff scalp. Any tips? 🙏


My household absolutely loves the curl love and the scalp oil. We’ve seen a big increase in the moisture in our hair. I have the wash and go bundle on the way currently! Can’t wait to try it!

Mary E

I have tight textured hair .Think
4c it’s medium thickness . I thought the rosemary might work .My hair seems to be very dry on the ends& sheds with little balls.It is grey on the ends& since then breaks off at the ends .I have used your lavender in the past before the gray ! not sure what would work now

Pamela Williamson

I love your leave in conditioner (rice milk & Macadamia oil). It leaves my hair curly and orderly. Not using it, my hair is thick and unruly. A lot of changes took place when I started greying. I have a combination straight and medium kinks. Greying really too on a texture that I am not used to.

June Cardona

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