2022 Recap, Reflections & What We're Looking forward to 2023

2022 Recap, Reflections & What We're Looking forward to 2023
Rosettes, the time has flown by, and The New Year is here, leaving 2022 behind! We accomplished great things last year, and we looked GREAT getting it done! What did you do that you loved? What did you do that you loathed? Speaking of looking good, we’re recapping our favorite 2022 do’s and don’ts in natural hair and beauty. From colored ‘locks to rhinestone-studded afro puffs, we’ve seen it all. Whether we liked it or not, here are the hottest styles we saw trending all year and our responses.

What We Thought was Hot!

Feed-in freestyle braids
As a culture that loves all things braids, we’re always impressed when the hair world somehow reinvents this hairstyle and makes it even better than it was before. In 2022 we watched the feed-in braid style flourish and put a twist on the traditional style. From dollar signs to heart-shaped cornrows, stylists took their craft to new heights this year, and we loved every bit of it. Large braids or small, we saw people everywhere living their best lives with this iconic hairstyle.

Passion Twists
Another spin on a classic style, we love how passion twists shook up the hair community. At every barbecue, festival, concert, or amusement park, we saw the most beautiful people rocking their bohemian-inspired passion twists all year. This two-stranded style combines Senegalese twists and goddess locs and creates a texturized, boho-inspired look. With many options from length to color, passion twists thrived all 2022.

Rosemary Collection
Camille Rose’s very own Rosemary Collection made us lose our breath when it hit the market!

Our handcrafted premium hair collection is sure to boost your hair retention and has become a must-have for Rosettes looking to strengthen weakened and damaged tresses. Perfectly blended with pure rosemary oil that gently soothes the scalp while combating dandruff and build-up, potent Yucca Leaf extract, peppermint, biotin oils, and more all work to reverse hair damage and stimulate length.

We saw some of our favorite beauty bloggers incorporating this collection into their everyday routines, which made our hearts smile. We loved it and knew you did, too, because the Rosemary Collection frequently sold out all year!

Bomb Bobs
You Rosettes were not playin’ this year with your freshly chopped bob styles! We loved to see you all play around with different lengths and textures and even incorporate some Camille Rose products into your maintenance and upkeep. Sleek and curly, we are happy to see bob cuts carry into 2023.

What was Not

Falling asleep with makeup on
For some odd reason, this was still a “thing” in 2022! Not only is it a horrible idea to sleep with cosmetics that are not meant to hydrate your skin overnight, but makeup can also cause breakouts, rashes, and redness! We hope some of our Rosettes (we won’t call you out!) find a better routine for nighttime facial care…and incorporate the FACE Collection into it!

Neglecting your beautiful hair
It doesn’t make a difference how cute your weave is if your natural hair underneath isn’t correctly cared for. We saw the most flawless sew-ins with de-hydrated braids being ruined by breakage underneath. In 2023, we hope some of our Rosettes start a fantastic hair care routine to strengthen and hydrate their beautiful, natural hair. Whether you wear it naturally or with a weave, it’s always best to take care of YOU!

What we’re looking forward to:
In 2023, we were looking forward to manifesting our best selves, financial investments and savings, strong faith, abundant family, and friendly relationships for ourselves and our Rosettes. We are also super excited about our newest edition—our vegan-Rosemary Oil Collection. Head to CamilleRose.com and our IG to get more details on our upcoming gourmet blends.

What are you looking forward to this New Year? Post it and shout us out on Instagram - @CamilleRoseNaturals.

Happy New Year!

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