Rosettes, Meet Our Newest Rosemary Collection

Rosettes, Meet Our Newest Rosemary Collection
Longer, stronger, and healthy hair remains the gift that keeps giving. This holiday season, we're sending you an early present with the launch of our newest vegan treat, The Rosemary Collection. Our founder, Janell Stephens, the Queen of handcrafted blends, hand-whipped the latest line with pure Rosemary oil, a pinch of peppermint, amla, apigenin, shikakai, and biotin. All these potent ingredients work in unison to help boost hair strength and fight breakage.

Rosemary is an ancient aromatic herb with a history that spans as far back as Egypt. Its high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties have made it a universal medicinal treatment worldwide, particularly in beauty and cosmetics. When it comes to hair growth, research notes that Rosemary extract supported hair regrowth regarding testosterone-related hair loss. Additionally, it has been widely speculated that Rosemary oil's cell regeneration ability has the potential to significantly improve hair thickness and strength among its vast suggested healing properties.

Combining the power of this magnificent oil, the Rosemary Collection is a vegan hair must-have that harnesses the power of one of beauty's most long-standing traditions to boost hair strength in all textures. The result is a nourished scalp and unstoppable strands.

So, without further ado, let's get into it.

Rosemary Oil Strengthening Hair & Scalp Cleanser
Healthy hair starts with a clean scalp. Our sulfate-free strengthening hair and scalp cleanser gently yet effectively removes product build-up and restores moisture. In true Camille Rose fashion, its aromatic scent is divine thanks to accents of lemon peels that can support heat-damage reversal, reduces dandruff, and is packed with nutrients like Vitamin C.

Rosemary Oil 5-Minute Strengthening Hair Mask
You're on the go, and time is of the essence, so we've formulated the perfect fast-acting conditioning treatment that deeply penetrates your hair follicles in record time. In just five minutes, the Rosemary Oil Strengthening Hair Mask goes to work to resurrect fragile strands using antifungal and Yucca leaf for thicker hair that won't shed.

Rosemary Oil Hydrating Leave-In
We've got something just for Rosettes who despise detangling their strands. Our concentrated gel nourishing leave-in makes separating your hair on wash day a breeze minus the damage. Formulated with note-worth ingredients like olive oil, honey, and castor oil, it's an emulsifying moisturizer full of nourishment.

Rosemary Water Hair Spritzer
Say "bye-bye," to unruly tresses and frizz when you use our Daily Strengthening Mist. A lightweight formula, it is a powerful growth mist that decreases scalp inflammation, stimulates hair follicles, and drastically increases healthy hair growth. Our one-of-a-kind mineral-dense recipe coats strands for long-lasting shine and preserves your hair's natural glow. For an added boost, combine with our Rosemary Leave-In for a smoother and more hydrated finish.

Rosemary Oil Strengthening Hair Drops
We're taking oil to the next level with our intensely nourishing, multi-use Rosemary oil. Enriched with a combination of Mother Nature's finest oils like Castor seed, Tea tree, Olive, and more, our elixir visibly revitalizes hair to reveal natural shiny strands. Use it on your edges, ends, and scalp daily, and watch your hair transform.

This holiday, treat yourself and your loved ones with an incredible recipe made with love. Now is the perfect time to stock up your online cart while supplies last during our Joy to the Curls Black Friday deals until November, 28.

We can’t wait for your to try our Rosemary Collection. You’re going to love it!

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