Melt Your Holiday Stress Away With These Self-Care And Wellness Apps

Melt Your Holiday Stress Away With These Self-Care And Wellness Apps
Rosettes, even during these unprecedented times, we love the holiday season. From bright lights to cheerful decor and sipping egg nog, this time of year has a special place in our hearts. However, for some, this season is emotionally and mentally taxing.

Financial insecurity is among the causes of this added sense of dread, with two out of five adults worrying about affording gifts, grieving a loved one who has passed, traveling, and more, as the American Psychological Association noted. And unfortunately, these uncomfortable feelings are not dispersed equally, as women are particularly at more risk and often feel they have more familial obligations and responsibilities to manage.

While we all can agree this is a festive time, the added tasks of the holidays can become a bit much. If you’re feeling depression and anxiety or having persistent feelings of being numb and detached, these emotions are valid and deserve to be addressed appropriately.

Luckily, conscious brands are taking full advantage of technological advancements to make mental health accessible. From apps that assist with guided meditations to others offering personalized communities of support, the world of wellness is going digital to help you navigate challenging times.

In honor of the giving season, we’ve rounded up mental health apps to incorporate into your daily life easily for the holidays and beyond.

It’s OK not to be OK. The Talley app might be your solution if you’re working through mental health issues and need a listening ear. Founded by Lara Cena, the platform pairs users with a personal confidant sworn to secrecy. By opening up to someone else, the app allows you to relax, release and gain the support you need without judgment.

Somewhere Good
Life feels better when we are connected to our loved ones. Something Somewhere special occurs when we laugh, open up, and share our experiences with people of shared interest. The Somewhere App captures that magic by providing people with groups based on the things they enjoy. From birdwatching to book clubs, there’s something for everyone on this app.

Shine App
If you’re rushing to meet an emerging deadline before the holiday break, the Shine App is the perfect ally to help find peace and serenity at work. Founded by Naomi Hirabayashi and Marah Lidey, this app offers a complete wellness program, including workshops, expert-guided meditations, and virtual seminars. For an added boost, the company also advocates for inclusivity, adding diverse voices to resonate with more people.

There’s no doubt the holidays are busy, and it can seem like there’s no time to relax and be present, and that’s where MoodKit comes in. Clinical psychologists developed the mental health app to help users harness cognitive behavior therapy tools. Helping to track negative thought patterns, this app is a must-have to keep your mental and emotional health top-tier right at your fingertips.

Whether you need a supportive ear or a moment to take a deep breath to center yourself, your mental and emotional health is a priority. Gifting self-love and tender care is one of the greatest gifts you can share with yourself because, quite frankly, you deserve it.

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