The Four Signature Holiday Hairstyles Every Rosette Needs to Try

The Four Signature Holiday Hairstyles Every Rosette Needs to Try
Happy Holidays Rosettes. We can't believe how quickly this time of year has come, but we're excited about the season. And if there's one thing we love about this time of year, it's the parties. From office get-togethers to festive brunch soirees with our besties, looking amazing with the perfect hairstyle is our thing.

If your social calendar is jampacked with activities, and you need some ideas to keep your look fresh yet stylish, we've hand-picked some of the most beautiful natural hairstyles that will leave you looking your best.

Pineapple Updo Flexi Rod Set
Flexi rod sets are at the top of our list for a reason. No matter the size of the rods, they add dimensional curls and are versatile with any look. If you're attending an upper-echelon black-tie affair, don't be afraid to switch it up and create a cascading pineapple flair to complete your look.

To start, cleanse hair using Rosette's top pick Camille Rose Sweet Ginger Cleansing Rinse and Moroccan Pear Conditioning Custard for a fresh base. We recommend blow-drying your hair for the best results. On damp or dry hair, section your hair into four parts and follow up by applying Honey Hydrate Leave-In Conditioner throughout your hair in each section for shine and optimal hydration. Next, use Honeycomb Curl Whip Textured Defining Supercream to soften and smooth strands. Add Spiked Honey 4-in-1 Smoother to each section as you apply your Flexi rods.

Once your rods are complete, to achieve the pineapple look, you'll need a satin scrunchie to gather your hair and add it at the base for a finished look.

Half Up, Half Down
We stan a good half-up and half-down style. It's a fun and flirty hairstyle that is easy and quick. Whether your hair is straight, curly, or wavy, simply part your hair in the back and tie the top section up for added volume. To add more flare, pull out two small sections in the front of your hair for cute bangs.

Beautiful Back Bun
Low buns will forever be a classic. No matter the occasion, a soft bun will showcase your entire face and highlight your natural glow. We loved Lori Harvey's intricate bun, which left more for us to ogle over her beauty. For a more regal look, add a bold pin or gem or a sleek style, and switch it up with a middle or side part.

Braids, braids, and more braids, please!
Hair is all about free expression, and braids are one of the most creative ways to show off your signature style. If anyone has shown this, it's the Queen, Beyoncé. From braided ponytails to beaded cornrows and more, the multi-talented phenom has shown us that braids are perfect for any occasion. We love an excellent braided look here at Camille's Corner. For an added pro tip, keep your scalp healthy by adding Camille Rose’s JBCO Scalp Treatment Serum to keep your hair shining, healthy, and tip-top shape.

This holiday season is all about you! Your style and your hair your way. Whether rocking fresh box braids in a high bun or opting for a halo crown, level it up confidently and watch heads turn and jaws drop.

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