The Stylists Behind Your Favorite Celebs and Influencers

The Stylists Behind Your Favorite Celebs and Influencers
From the red carpet to the runway and beyond, stellar stylists work behind the scenes and the screens to bring us some of our fave celebs’ hottest looks. This week we’re paying homage to five of the top stylists to the stars who keep us turning our heads with their on-point taste.

Mimi Cuttrell 
Mimi Cuttrell is the stylist to Ariana Grande, Gigi Hadid, Priyanka Chopra, and more. Cuttrell got her start assisting celebrity stylists in L.A. before branching out on her own after four years of experience and networking.

Drawing on her own personal style, Cuttrell is known for turning out classic, tailored looks often adorned with standout accessories. Big on up-and-coming designers and brands, Cuttrell is a visionary who finds inspiration everywhere. “I’m a very visual person. I’m always looking at architecture and different color combinations in interiors and in nature.” (via Vogue France)

Law Roach 
Law Roach is most famously known for his work as Zendaya’s stylist and the co-creator of the star’s clothing and shoe line, Daya. Roach has also worked with celebs like Naomi Osaka, Kerry Washington, Anya Taylor-Joy, and others.

Roach’s career as an “image architect” started at his Deliciously Vintage boutique when Kanye West browsed the shop in 2009, drawing the attention of press and paparazzi. Since then, Roach has been a fixture in fashion, styling scores of celebrities and in 2017 became the first Black stylist to grace the cover of The Hollywood Reporter’s annual “Stylists and Stars” issue.

Jahleel Weaver 
Starting out as an assistant to Mel Ottenberg, Jahleel Weaver is Rihanna’s full-time personal stylist and the official creative director for Fenty. “The most valuable thing Jahleel brings to the process is his complete understanding of my vision,” the Grammy Award-winner says of Weaver. (via The New York Times)

With a fresh focus that sets him apart from the pack, Weaver consistently comes up with new ideas that keep fashion fans compelled, like Fenty’s strategy of releasing collections in the same style of album drops.

Zerina Akers 
Best known as Beyonce’s personal stylist and wardrobe curator, New York-based Zerina Akers’ mission as a stylist is to inspire her clients to express their authentic selves. From her humble start as a fashion closet intern for W Magazine to her current status as stylist to some of the biggest names around, Akers is all about style that breaks the mold.

“Fluid and experimental,” the Emmy award-winning costume designer is currently working on expanding her shopping platform, Black Owned Everything, with plans of possibly developing products of her own.

Samantha Burkhart 
L.A.-based Samantha Burkhart is the stylist behind edgy fashionistas like Billie Eilish, Poppy, Grimes, and more. Despite the influence of her fashion-forward mother and grandmother, and her interest in crafting her own personal style at 11, Burkhart didn’t originally intend to become a stylist. "I accidentally fell into styling, which is funny to me. It wasn't something I ever set out to do." (via Fashionista)

These days Burkhart is credited with creating some of fashion’s most iconic looks, like Sia’s famous bow-headband. How she does it? By tapping into the artist’s personality and getting to know them for who they really are. “I climb deep inside who these people are and try to look at it from all perspectives.” (via Fashionista)

Which stylists inspire your personal look?

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