Black Business Month: How Camille Rose Founder Janell Stephens Builds Community

Black Business Month: How Camille Rose Founder Janell Stephens Builds Community
Today we celebrate our CEO and Founder Janell Stephens in honor of Black Business Month. The multi-hyphenated businesswoman has led Camille Rose into an international success, but her business sense isn't just her knowledge of the company's bottom line. Her leadership shines through her ability to deeply hone her community, bringing them with her at every stage of her journey while making space for others to be seen, heard, and inspired. Since its launch in 2010, Camille Rose has risen to the beauty and wellness industry ranks, and we're sharing the lessons learned from the kitchen chemist herself.

Memorable and Immersive experiences
From the start, Our CEO and founder approached business with an understanding that connecting with her supporters on an intimate level was paramount. But, these experiences are not run-of-the-mill events. She created a signature luxurious vibe that many of her supporters have become accustomed to. From pop-ups with the perfect design to fun interactions, Camille Rose leaves no stone unturned when Rosettes are in the building. Considering the thoughts and experiences her customers dream of, she draws out followers by making everyone feel special.

Giving Back
As the saying goes, "To whom much is given, much is required," and Stephens exemplifies this notion. As a wife and mother of five, creating a safe and healthy environment for her family is one of her top priorities. The brand not only crafts healthy products that fit everyone but also extends its support through community service, being environmentally conscious, and outreach. In 2021, Camille Rose announced its multi-layered sustainability campaign, "One Step Matters." Stephens partnered with sustainability consultant and activist Dr. Tanya Rawal to develop a sustainability plan that sets attainable and accessible goals to act as an example for other small Black-owned businesses to take the small yet pivotal steps to a sustainable future.

Creating a platform for other Black Businesses to shine
Black businesses need support, and Stephens uses her platform to boost the visibility and awareness of other Black entrepreneurs and creatives. Her impact goes far beyond simple social media shout-outs as she takes a much more active approach. Camille Rose's annual Beaute' Noir Juneteenth Fest celebrates Black excellence. The event honors Black influencers, business owners, and trailblazers, giving them the accolades they deserve for impacting their communities. Stephens is creating a culture where Black talent can thrive by leveraging Camille Rose's large platform for Black-owned brands to showcase their latest products and services and share the raw talent of upcoming musicians and designers.

This African proverb said best: "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." Business growth and success are much more than profits; connecting people around a vision and purpose resonates with everyone involved. When it comes to business and building a brand around the community, our Founder notes, "You can't be successful at this level by yourself." Making her brand a welcoming and positive experience for all engaged has contributed to her longstanding success in the game.

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