Camille Rose Announces' One Step Matters' for Sustainability Initiatives

Camille Rose Announces' One Step Matters' for Sustainability Initiatives

Rosettes already know - gourmet beauty brand Camille Rose is renowned for innovative and one-of-a-kind, natural hair care products. As good-for-you as it is luxurious, nothing beats the Camille Rose experience!

Camille Rose encapsulates the beauty of nature. Our fab founder Janelle Stevens is paying homage to that with 'One Step Matters' - a bold new multi-layered sustainability plan and collaboration with sustainability consultant and activist Dr. Tanya Rawal.

Next Level
It's no secret that our planet is in trouble. More than 1 million acres of National Forests need reforestation, and humans discard over 360 million tons of plastic a year - to name a couple of crucial issues.

Thankfully, society is waking up and instilling more planet-positive initiatives with Mother Nature in mind. In the beauty industry alone, green is in like it's never been before. More than ever, companies are adopting eco-friendly and environment-focused policies, and we love to see it!

Stepping It Up
On Earth Day 2021, Janelle Stephens announced 'One Step Matters,' a groundbreaking sustainability plan and alliance with Dr. Tanya Rawal, Visiting Assistant Professor of Women's Studies and Africana Studies at Franklin and Marshall College, professor of rhetoric at Berry College, and environmental sustainability consultant and expert.

"As a small business owner tackling the volume of environmental, social, and governance issues that companies are increasingly asked to deal with can be overwhelming; however, it is no secret that our future greatly depends on sustainable practices being implemented in all businesses," she said.

This innovative sustainability initiative seeks to set attainable and accessible goals for the brand while inspiring other Black-owned businesses to make pivotal moves toward a more sustainable future.

The Camille Rose brand is committed to facing urgent challenges, both social and ecological while promoting more sustainable consumption and protecting the planet for a better tomorrow.

'One Step Matters' aims to provide awareness and resources to the often overwhelmed small business owner. By sparking new conversations surrounding diversity within the sustainability community and having discussions surrounding the too often diluted discussions of race, equity, and sustainability, the program seeks to create change and form a new paradigm.

What It Is
So what's 'One Step Matters' all about anyway? There are a few levels to it, but we'll lay it all out for you.

Recently, Camille Rose linked up with One Tree Planted, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, on a mission to help the environment. From reforestation efforts to providing jobs for social impact and restoring biodiversity, One Tree Planted is dedicated to saving the planet, one tree at a time. Camille Rose is planting 1,000 trees yearly now until 2030 in partnership with One Tree Planted.

  • In addition to working with One Tree Planted, Camille Rose has committed to converting all paper packaging to responsibility, and sustainably sourced FSC certified paper for all packaging to reduce paper waste.

  • 100 percent of plastic from the Camille Rose warehouse and facility will be recycled.

  • Camille Rose aims to have 75 -100% of our packaging be recyclable, refillable, reusable, recycled, or recoverable by 2030. In the spirit of this, the Camille Rose website will soon feature a "Recycle Now" link to guide Rosettes to their nearest recycling plants!

The Future Is Now
You know what they say - you can never go back, only forward.

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