Black-Owned Businesses Across The Diaspora To Support During Black Business Month And Beyond

Black-Owned Businesses Across The Diaspora To Support During Black Business Month And Beyond
August marks the annual celebration of Black Business Month. But, Black businesses in home decor, fashion, and beauty are trailblazing the market every day and leaving a lasting imprint on society. Black culture is the life force of American culture, and its essence is embedded within almost every trend. Across almost all business sectors, vestiges of Black influences can be traced back to the spirit and aesthetic of Black people. From music to movies and everything in between, consumerism is dictated by deeply held African-American traditions.

Culture is sure to follow as the Black creative sphere widens the beauty, home, and personal care industries, and now is the time to turn it up a notch. If you’re looking to support Black-owned brands that are moving the needle forward, Camille’s Corner has rounded up some of the most top-tier companies on the market who are honoring our roots with beauty and style across the globe.

Legacy Dream Luxury Beauty
We traditionally discuss products for application for hair, skin, and nails. But Legacy Dream Luxury Beauty brand is helping beauty enthusiasts keep their items organized in style. If you’ve ever lost your favorite lip gloss or constantly left your bathroom counter in clutter, this brand is the solution you didn’t know you needed. From their sturdy and well-designed beauty cases to their Diva Beauty Brish Set, this brand has perfectly married functionality with glamour.

In 2018 Avila Diana Chidume created Avila.Diana, a greeting card company, addresses the lack of representation in the industry. In 2020 she partnered with Kutenda to launch the world’s first online global marketplace for diverse and representative greeting cards and gifts. Chidume is an example of the market’s transition to e-commerce. Recent reports indicate one of the lasting effects of the ‘Great Resignation’ is a shift in work culture. For many Black professionals, one considerable option is transitioning into e-commerce.

BLK MKT Vintage
If you love to vibe with vintage but don’t dig the whitewashed way, many brands come at it. We’re with you. Enter BLK MKT Vintage, “a curated love story” rooted in Black cultural expression and lived experiences with an old-school twist. The brand offers relics like vintage press photographs of Black life and culture, classic vinyl records, award-winning literature by Black artists, and even old-school Yo! MTV raps trading cards and tons more. BLK MKT helps you fill your home with ephemera that feeds your soul.

Reflektion Design
Launched in 2013; Reflektion Design was born from owner Anitra’s love of and life in Ghana, Africa. Anitra’s vision is that the home is the “ultimate canvas for self-expression” and, through Reflektion, seeks to provide a deeper connection with the Motherland through her authentic designs and finds. The company provides pillows, baskets, fans, accessories, and so much more, handmade by fair-trade artisans throughout Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. So, whether you’re looking to add African touches to your home or upgrade your style to match your roots, Reflektion has covered you.

When making effective and impactful change, actions speak louder than words. Supporting Black businesses with action sets a precedent and honors those who are putting in the work and impacting the world.

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