Meet The Black Travelers Exploring The World

Meet The Black Travelers Exploring The World
Rosettes, have you ever dreamed of exploring the world? If so, what adventures would you take and with whom?

If you're contemplating a new adventure, you're in the right place. Here at Camille's Corner, we're fans of exploring experiences around the world, taking risks, and, of course, having fun. Not to mention loads of new cultures, traditions and backgrounds gained every time your passport is stamped.

Whether you're planning your next trip stateside or ready to cross the sea, we've rounded up some of the top Black travel influencers catching flights regularly and sharing tips along their journey.

Check them out. 

Oneika The Traveler, Oneika Raymond
Oneika Raymond is a certified adventure hunter that brings her audience to every scenic destination she visits. According to her website, her traveling resume is top-tier. Her explorations include 118 countries and six continents, and she isn't showing any signs of stopping.

The travel journalist is also an on-air correspondent for NBC New York's New York Live TV, host of Travel Channel's "Big City, Little Budget," and podcast host of Marriott Bonvoy's "About the Journey."

Raymond, a pioneer in the Black traveling space, brings enthusiasm and cultural insight for viewers to learn with her. Some of her many trips have included bungee jumping over the Zambezi river, fishing for piranhas in the Amazon, and more.

Eric Prince, Minority Nomad
Eric Prince is a philanthropist, a photographer, and the cool traveler we all wish we were in our heads. He is also on a mission to become the first African-American to land in every country. To most, that may sound like an impossible goal, but Prince is well on his way to achieving it. Prince’s traveling perspective is unique because he can open viewers up to the nuances of culture that ordinarily are overlooked, like the design of the Dasa Book Cafe in Bangkok and more. Moreover, his distinct combination of photography makes every reader feel like they’re right there with him. 

The Globe Getter, Tausha Cowan
Tausha Cowan is the brains behind The Globe Getter. Fueled with a passion for traveling the globe, she used her wit and ingenuity to create a platform that readers look to for inspiration, tips, and entertainment. From airline ticket hacks to behind-the-scene insight on her trip to Europe, her platform provides resources for newbies who are just getting their feet wet (no pun intended) and veterans looking for new adventures. So, if you're looking for a quick trip this August--she's the go-to guru.

Myles To Travel, Bisa Myles
Bisa Myles said traveling was her healing place. According to her website, after being diagnosed with breast cancer at 41, she created a 'survivors' plan' to further her recovery. Since the start of her traveling blog, Myles To Travel, in 2015, she has gained an enormous following, teaching other breast cancer survivors traveling tips they can use to ensure their memorable experience.

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