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We seek to share the purest and warmest joy, happiness, trust and gratitude
to each and every person who experiences our products.


The multicultural beauty business is an explosive industry that commands billions of dollars in revenue a year from a growing consumer base that are savvy and knowledgeable and knows exactly what it is they want. At the forefront of this industry are the strong, confident women who are breaking through the glass ceiling and developing companies in this coveted space that rival those of their commercial competitors in both sales and consumer awareness. A leader in this space is none other than Janell Stephens, CEO and founder of Camille Rose LLC who has been at the forefront of the radical shift in the beauty industry since its conception in 2011, and has been defining what it means to be a lover of all things beauty since it all began in her small kitchen many years ago.

Created initially as a means of curing the eczema of her five young children which started on their skin and also resulted in severe dryness of their hair. In a matter of three short years the brand morphed into a multi-million dollar company with legions of fans, throngs of supporting retailers and groundbreaking partnerships that positioned the burgeoning brand as a certified leader in a space that was eager for what Camille Rose had to offer. The brand quickly became proof of what a sharp, business woman could accomplish when she devoted her time, energy and resources behind something she is passionate about.

And that passion stems from the mantra that whatever goes on your body, should be good enough to go in it. This was the crux of the Camille Rose way and resulted in the creation of products that were made using food grade ingredients and gourmet blends. These premium concoctions continue to be a mainstay in the natural hair community and beyond with consumers of every race, nationality and creed advocating for the brand as influencers, social media supporters and engaged buyers known affectionately as “Rosettes”.

Janell’s company’s growth was far from an overnight success. After launching a website to support the sales of the eczema creams she created, she immediately saw an explosion amongst her target demographic and soon after created and released additional products including Moisture Milk, a conditioner and the most popular product to date, the Almond Jai Twisting Butter. In 2012, Camille Rose transcended the online retail space when the products became available at over 100 Target stores nationwide after a chance meeting with a Target buyer at a gifting event. A plethora of retailers followed suit with the brand now being available for purchase in over 300,000 total locations in national retail chains including Ulta, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Sally’s Beauty, Whole Foods, Walgreens and CVS locations to name a very select few throughout the US and also on a global platform with the brand being launched around the world including the UK, Africa, Brazil, and Ireland to name a select few places.

Janell herself is a popular entrepreneur and lifestyle expert with her brand and name recognition in the beauty industry seeing unprecedented growth over the last few years as she has fully embraced her blessed fate as the face of not just Camille Rose but also the entrepreneurship, natural hair care, and clean eating movements. This is reflective in the expanded vision of the brand’s founder as she continues to market the company to all facets of her buying consumers to include everyone from loyal consumers to the coveted generation Z – all of whom look to Janell as a leading authority in the beauty and lifestyle space. Her knowledge has found her on the panels of many high tier events covering topics of beauty, business, wellness, and entrepreneurship. She's also been featured in a plethora of publications and broadcast outlets to also include Essence Magazine, The Real, Strahan, Sara & Keke, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Huffington Post, WWD Magazine and KTLA to name a select few.

These appearances plus the launches of both Camille Rose FACE and Camille Rose HOME further positioned Janell Stephens and her company as a complete lifestyle brand that has its finger on the pulse of what’s wanted and needed by consumers on a global scale. As part of the brand’s expansion, Janell has also launched the Janell Ennis Stephens Foundation, which was founded to support women and families in need. The foundation’s mission is based on positively affecting the lives of families, particularly single mothers, who are striving to succeed in business or simply working hard to provide for their family. This has allowed Janell the opportunity to impact the lives of hundreds of women and families so far and create a philanthropic platform that she uses for good.

In 2022 one of Janell's groundbreaking visions came to fruition as the brand announced and executed their first ever 3-day summit, Beauté Noir Festival, a celebration of Black beauty, Black culture and change makers within the Atlanta community. The summit, which reimagined the brand’s inaugural Beaute Noir honoree dinner that took place in 2021, included an honoree dinner, VIP brunch and first-of-its-kind Juneteenth music festival and summit.

As the clean living trend continues to gain strength in a large number of communities and consumer markets, Janell Stephens has gladly accepted her position as one of the foremothers of the industry and welcomes it with open arms. She knows that such a coveted role is one that is only possible with the support of the legions of buyers and fans who have helped the brand grow to five collections and close to forty products. As the company grows, so does Janell’s devotion to educating, inspiring and motivating others in both beauty and business. A leader, a creator and an influencer, Janell has transcended from a mere company founder and is leading the beauty industry to heights unseen before.

“It should be everyone’s mission to inspire the uninspired to see the true value of who they are and what they can accomplish. Our gifts go beyond what we see immediately before us and encompass the limitless opportunities that we are given every day to be great.”
Janell Stephens


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Janell Stephens

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