Algae Renew Deep Conditioner

Algae Renew Deep Conditioner

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A vitamin-packed moisturizing and strengthening treatment infused with blue green algae.
” The ritual of renewing reminds us of the original beauty deep within us.”
Love, Camille


Our rich gourmet treatment is infused with a blend of pure blue green algae, packed with 65 vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Unrefined cocoa and mango butters are artfully blended into this intense deep conditioning formula for maximum moisture benefits. Growth-stimulating biotin extracted from algae is then infused to create this one-of-a-kind softening cocktail for all hair types.

Gourmet Ingredients:


Blue Green Algae strengthens hair, preventing thinning and breakage.


Mango Butter intensely moisturizes, locking and sealing in moisture.

Full Ingredient List

Ingredients: Deoinized water, aloe vera juice, butyrospermum parkii(shea)butter, cocos nucifera (coconut oil), behentrimonium methosulfate (BTMS) cetyl alcohol, theobroma cacao (cocoa)butter, mangifera indica(mango)seed butter, cannabis sativa(hemp) seed oil, di panthenol, mel(manuka)honey, vegetable glycerin,camellia sinensis )green tea) extract, simmondsia chinensia(jojoba) seed oil, rosa canina(rose hip) fruit oil, bitis vinifera(grape)seed oil, oenothera biennis(evening primrose) oil,phenoxyethanol and capryly glycol(optiphen), blue green algae, dimethyl sulfone (msm), biotin, tocopheryl acetate(vitamin E), mentha piperita (peppermint)oil, scent and LOVE!

How To Use:

Apply an ample amount to dry or wet hair. Leave on for 10 minutes then cool rinse while detangling with a wide tooth comb. For extra conditioning, don on a plastic cap and apply heat for a minimum of 20 minutes. Allow conditioner to melt away under a cool water rinse.

This is what my hair has been looking for, for a very long time. My hair looks beautiful, moisturised and very easy to feta glee. This was made for my hair.

Pat Khumbo

Customer Reviews

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This Stuff is GOLD!

Hands down my favorite conditioner! It leave my 4c coils sooo soft and moisturized!

Holy grail deep conditioner

This is my most favorite deep conditioner in the entire world. When I first purchased this I was worried about the small amount of protein that was in here because my hair tends to be protein sensitive. If I have to hair type myself I would say I have majority 3b/3c/4a hair and low to medium hair porosity with the higher porosity in my crown. When I first used this product I was completely shocked and surprised at how moisturized and revitalized my hair was. It was as if this deep conditioner nourished my hair and gave it extreme curl definition. My hair feels amazingly moisturized, soft and even a little strengthened afterwards. It also smells like my favorite ice cream, mint chocolate chip. I wish they had other hair products that had this scent as well, but that might be dangerous because it smells good enough to eat. I highly recommend this deep conditioner for anyone who struggles with dry or frizzy hair. It is completely worth the money spent and a little goes a long way. I am grazing waist length hair and I can usually get about 3 deep conditioning sessions out of this. Also, I recommend using heat so the product can penetrate into your hair strands. Either warm it up before application or use a bonnet dryer or a hair dryer to sit under for about 25 minutes or so. You seriously won't be disappointed!!!

Smells Great and Feels Great

Girl, I’m deep conditioning with this in my hair right now. All I can say is it feels sensational. The Peppermint Oil is a last ingredient but you can definitely feel it tingle. I love that it has Biotin. It applies easily and instantly gave me slip. It smells like icecream. My hair is 4A and dry. It always leaves my hair moisturized and smelling great.

Will Make The Driest Hair Feel Like Silk!

I naturally have very dry 4B hair. At one point I thought my hair was 4C because of how brittle it was. After using this deep conditioner, my hair literally feels like silk, even a week after it's been applied. I first started using the Hair Milk and was in awe. Then I added the shampoo and conditioner to my regimen and was shocked that the shampoo didn't dry out my hair out. In fact, it was the first shampoo I've used in years because every shampoo leaves my hair stripped and dry. Next from the line I added the hair oil, which leaves my hair smelling so good! Other hair growth oils have that minty, leafy, unpleasant smell that I hate. But it wasn't until using THIS deep conditioner that transformed my hair! Almost 10 years natural and using every product and trying out every DIY product under the sun to moisturize my hair, I finally found my answer and I can't be happier! This line is officially my number 1 in my hair care regimen!


Let me tell y'all about this deep conditioner right here. It is the absolute Best DC I have EVER used. And I have been STRUGGLING sis! I've tried everything from Shea moisture, Cantu, Made Beautiful, As I Am, Moroccan Oil, Keratase, Treseemme, Design Essentials and even my own DIY DT's and NOTHING has worked like this here.

After just one use my hair was extremely soft and full of definition without ANY product in it. That has never happened to me before so needless to say I was extremely pleased and excited!

About the product: It's very thick so a little goes a long way with this. The smell is a bit like vanilla cake batter but I'm okay with that. It doesn't linger for too long after you rinse for those Curlies that aren't a fan of the vanilla scent. I applied in the shower after finger-detangling with my usual conditioner (though after what this did I'm gonna definitely gonna try CRN conditioner and see how my hair responds) I found the product to be smooth and instantly softened my hair as I worked it in.

With the use of my hot head I kept it on for about 20min with heat and an hour without, while doing things around the house. I rinsed with lukewarm/cool water and girl! My hair felt like silk. It was big, fluffy and defined giving me day three hair vibes. Love love love this product and it has been promoted to holy grail status!

Last note: My hair is color treated and I think this is perfect for you highlighted Curlies. I had hardly any shedding after using this.