Lavender Edge Glaze
Lavender Edge Glaze
Lavender Edge Glaze

Why you'll love it

Smooth and Finesse

Protect and Nourish

Soothe and Delight

Look polished and elegant with beautifully laid edges, every time.

Condition and nourish your baby hair strands with chamomile and castor oil to strengthen strands and encourage growth while you style.

Treat yourself to a luxurious, style-enhancing finishing touch—lavender oil soothes and uplifts the senses for a next-level hair care routine.

We have answers!


You’re looking to enhance your self-care routine with clean, conscious products that really work, and Camille Rose is here to answer the call. Dive deep into the value points of our Lavender Edge Glaze Gel with this short, dedicated FAQ.

What makes Lavender Edge Glaze Gel stand out compared to other edge gels?

Aside from its safe and gentle plant-inspired formula, Camille Rose Lavender Edge Glaze Gel stands out because it nourishes and hydrates while delivering all-day hold. Fortify and protect sensitive baby hairs and even see increased growth and vitality—when you style with Camille Rose, you get even more benefits from your self-care investment. Set your hair with our coconut water style setter and take on the day in confidence.

Can I use Lavender Edge Glaze Gel alongside other products?

Yes! Since all Camille Rose products for natural hair are clean, safe, and consciously formulated, you can combine them however you like without ever risking hazardous chemical interactions. 

Create a completely custom hair care routine that’s unique to you with Camille Rose. Cleanse, condition, and style with our comprehensive range of products—you can explore our entire selection by product type or specific concern on our Hair Collection page. 

Can I use Camille Rose Lavender Edge Glaze Gel on my unique hair type/texture?

Yes—the versatile formula for our Lavender Edge Glaze Gel should work on any unique combination of hair type, texture, and porosity to create a sleek and elegant finish. It’s hydrating, nourishing, and gentle too, so you can use it every day without worrying about build-up, irritation, or damage—even if you have sensitive or color-treated hair.