Coconut Water Style Setter

Coconut Water Style Setter

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A tropical cream hair gel with warm scents of citrus and coconut, crafted to hydrate and hold styles in place.
“Set today upon the hope of a more natural tomorrow.”
Love, Camille


Thirst-quenching coconut waters are layered with botanical aloe vera juices, then mixed together with ripe citrus extracts of orange and lemon. Castor and coconut oils deeply penetrate tresses to provide maximum moisture and shine in this tropical styling treat.

Gourmet Ingredients:


Aloe Juices aid in moisture retention, promoting hair growth.


Coconut Water penetrates the hair shaft to condition from within.

Full Ingredient List

Ingredients: distilled water, cocos nucifera (coconut) water, ricinus communis (castor) seed oil, europaea ( olive) fruit oil, vaccinum myrtillus (bilberry) extract, saccharum officinarum (sugar cane) extract, citrus aurantium dulcis (orange) fruit extract, citrus medica limonum (lemon)fruit extract, dehentrimonium methodulfate ( btms), cocos nucifera (coconut) fruit extract, aloe barbedensis leaf juice, phenoxyethanol and caprylyl glycol (optiphen), scent and LOVE!

How To Use:

Section wet hair and apply with fingers, ensuring Coconut Water “Style Setter” reaches every strand. Twist or braid hair and allow sections to dry completely before separating. For best results on Wash and Go’s, apply under Camille Rose Naturals’ Curl Maker.

My hair is 3c/4a (fine to medium strands) and the hold, moisture and the 2nd day curls it provides is phenomenal. I just shake and go! My curls pop, shine and are defined like never before.

Sharron Calhoun

Customer Reviews

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Most moisturizing product for twist-outs I've tried

I've used this style setter after I deep conditioned with the penetrating deep conditioner and applied the leave-in from the coconut line. I can say that I have never come across a more moisturizing combination of products. And I don't mean heavy or weighed-down greasy moisture; I mean actual deep moisture that lasts days after wash day. I plan to keep this set in my hair arsenal for as long as it's available. So far I've only used these products in dry, winter months, but I can see these products being even better in warmer, more humid weather. I highly recommend.

Great Product!

Love this. Perfect over Fresh Curl Smoother. Elongates coils and provides hold without the drying effects of glycerin based products. Ideal for all year, but especially winter. Gives my 3c/4a hair hold while leaving it soft to the touch.

Love It

I purchased this product from Target. I expected a lightweight product because of the name "coconut water" yet to my surprise it was very thick in texture to the point I did not use it for about a month after purchasing. I have 3c/4a texture hair and normally wear it in a wash n go style that I pull in a high bun for work. I used the product on soaking wet hair and followed with a styling moose, my hair stayed moisturized and defined for the entire week. I did try the moose alone without this product and it dried my hair out completely so know it was the Style Setter doing its thing. Do not be afraid of the thick texture as it works wonders!

I rate this product a 10!

have been using Camille Rose Naturals products for about a year. I learned about it through an Essence Magazine article. I was familiar with some of the new natural hairlines, but not this one. Now I am a true patron of Camille Rose Naturals products. I adore her Fresh Curl, Curl Love, and of course the styling products. About eight months ago I learned about her Almond Jai Butter, Curlaide Moisture, and of course her Aloe Butter Gel products. I rate all of these products a 5. And then I discovered the Coconut water line, ordering from Camille Rose Naturals website because Targer didn't have the leave-in nor the penetrating hair treatment line. So, when I heard about the Coconut Water Style Setter product coming available April 1, I didn't hesitate, I ordered it from Camille Rose's website.

The Style Setter is a 10! A solid 10! It can be used as a leave-in or as a style setter with other products. I am in awe of the texture of this product. My hair has never been so moisturized, and even though I am in love with Style Setter I will still use Aloe Whipping Gel and the Almond Jai Butter products because they are all good. I just try to use on alternate days so my hair won't get used to one particular product. The Style Setter is my HG and I am sticking with Camille Rose Naturals Product Lines. I am grateful to this young lady and her family for creating a natural product line that suits my 4a-4b hair texture. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


I love love love this product. I used it on a wash and go style and I loved the way it keep my curls in place. I still have my baby hair (in my 20's) and it's hard to find products that work, but im glad to say this product definately works. I love the smell and it definitely moisturized my hair very well. This will definitely be a staple product for me.