Coconut Water Curl Conditioner
Coconut Water Curl Conditioner
Coconut Water Curl Conditioner

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Our Coconut Water Curl Conditioner is packed with strengthening ingredients like coconut oil—rich in fortifying iron and vitamin K

Reduce inflammation, reinforce follicles, and deliver deep moisture to the core of each strand with a luxurious mixture of plant oils.

Enjoy shinier, stronger, longer, and healthier hair—thanks to rosemary oil, coconut oil, and castor oil, your tresses will look and feel amazing.

We have answers!


Coconut water has many hydrating benefits, but what else can it do? Here are the answers to some of our customers’ most frequently asked questions so that you can choose exactly which hair products are right for you.

Can I use Camille Rose Coconut Water Curl Conditioner alongside other products?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage our customers to explore our entire selection of products and create a curly hair care routine that’s totally unique to them. At Camille Rose, we have a curly hair conditioner fit for every curl type.

Our collections are all centered around a different core ingredient (like the Coconut Water collection and the Rosemary Oil collection) or purpose (like the Black Castor Oil + Chebe collection and the Leave-In collection). Pick and choose products specially formulated for your hair type, texture, or porosity, and shop to include a favorite ingredient or address a specific issue you’re having with your hair curl type. You can have it all with Camille Rose, so go ahead and pick the best conditioner for you today!

What hair concerns does Coconut Water Curl Conditioner target?

We designed all of the products in our Coconut Water collection to address stubbornly dry hair and frizzy hair. You can use our Coconut Water Curl Conditioner (and the other products in the collection, like Coconut Water Curl Cleanse and Coconut Water Hydrating Elixir, to infuse your dry hair with moisture from root to tip.

Does Camille Rose Coconut Water Curl Conditioner contain harmful sulfates, parabens, or phthalates?

Definitely not. At Camille Rose, we’re dedicated to mixing up conscious, garden-inspired formulas that are good for your damaged hair and your health. We use only safe, gentle ingredients, so you can cleanse, condition, moisturize, and style away frizz without worry.