Cupuacu Sweet Cream
Cupuacu Sweet Cream
Cupuacu Sweet Cream

Why you'll love it

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Excellent Elasticity

Heavenly Hydration

Scrumptious Scent

Keep your skin happy and supple with the elasticity-building powers of aloe vera juice and cranberry seed oil.

Our indulgent blend of cupuacu and shea butter is the best body care ingredients to intensely moisturize skin, and seals it in with a strengthened moisture barrier.

Works for any skin type to unlock a healthy glow while being enveloped in the luxurious scent of crème brûlée.

We have answers!


If you’re searching for conscious skin care solutions from a company that truly cares, you’re in the right place. Rely on Camille Rose for one of the best body conditioners like our Cupuacu Sweet Cream body moisturizer—and for fantastic information to back it all up.

Does Cupuacu Sweet Cream contain any potentially hazardous chemicals like formaldehyde, PEGs, or parabens?

Definitely not—Camille Rose body butters are always clean and consciously constructed. That means you can trust our products to be totally safe and gentle. We select each garden-inspired ingredient with care, ensuring that our formulas are well-balanced, effective, and delightful to use. Plus, since we only use safe, plant-based ingredients, you can mix and match our products without fear.

How do the different plant-based ingredients in Cupuacu Sweet Cream function?

We structured the formula for our Cupuacu Sweet Cream to fulfill two main functions—enhance hydration and improve skin health. Let’s get into the plant-based ingredients we selected for each purpose, and a little bit about how they work.

  • Hydration:
  • Cupuacu and shea butter delivers deep, emollient moisture, helping to maintain the skin’s natural moisture barrier.
  • Aloe vera juice soothes, cools, and hydrates the skin.
  • Humectant honey, nourishing rice oil, and hydrating rose water round out this moisturizing lineup.
  • Skin health:
  • Vitamin C brightens tone and promotes collagen production.
  • Antioxidant vitamin E protects skin from roaming free radicals. 
  • Omega fatty acids protect the lipid barrier and improve elasticity and firmness.
  • Cranberry seed oil protects the skin from environmental damage.

How long will it take to see desired results?

Our body conditioner will instantly hydrate the skin upon application. We recommend using it daily, applying when needed, to help repair your skin’s moisture barrier. You can also pair it with a body balm to help with exfoliation.