This Fall, Recharge With These Stay-Cation Hacks

This Fall, Recharge With These Stay-Cation Hacks
Rosettes, is it just us, or did the temperature go from a smooth 106 to 67 degrees in two days, tops? Cooler weather has made its stake in the world, but we welcome it with a warm embrace! Besides the stylish wardrobe this season tends to bring, it also calls for many of us to choose more time spent indoors rather than stepping out on the town. We want your days and nights in to feel like a place of peace, so here are our top tips to make your place feel like a beautifully scented, warm and cozy oasis!

Take a relaxing bath
Bring the best of the best out for your suds in the tub. A hot bath not only soothes, it also cleanses your body and sends you into comfortable relaxation. Studies have shown that taking a relaxing bath can help you breathe easier, balance your hormones, and even improve heart health! Try Camille Rose’s bath scrubs and cleansing bars, such as our Organic Honey Bath Elixir which deeply moisturizes the skin, or our Turmeric Cleansing Bar, which helps to exfoliate your skin. You can also add a bath pillow, wine and more!

Create a sweet-smelling indulgence
Burning candles can create an ambiance of peace and relaxation. Candles may also cleanse your air and help you easily wind down after a busy day. Light our Camille Rose Marcona Marnier Soy-based Candle to indulge your senses, or, if you’re not into candles, try our Marcona Marnier All-Purpose Cleaner to freshen up the air around you. A nice touch would be adding a hot cup of tea or coffee.

Give yourself a facial
Who doesn’t love when their face feels super refreshed and clean? Our FACE Collection is literally inspired by organic plants from the garden – a sure way to promote deep relaxation. Our Youth Burst Anti-Aging Nighttime Elixir will have you waking up feeling vibrant and ready to conquer something new!

Add some plant power
Plants have super powers – they can reduce fatigue, colds, produce oxygen, absorb toxins, and so much more! Try adding a eucalyptus plant to your shower space to kick off your morning, or add de-stress plants like English Ivy, Aloe Vera, or a Peace Lily!

Light up the room
There are direct and indirect connections between light and how someone feels. Science shows blue lighting has a powerful effect on de-stressing and can affect melatonin production, helping you achieve a deeper sleep. Adding a color-changing smart bulb to a room in your place or getting a pair of blue light glasses can help you reach lower levels of stress. Also, something as simple as limiting your phone or laptop time at night will also reduce white light, helping you to attain similar relaxation affects.

Treat your hair
We all know a good wash day will have you not only feeling super cute, clean, and comfy. We suggest adding our Algae Renew Deep Conditioning Mask to your weekly routine to get an extra punch of antioxidants to your scalp and maximum moisture benefits.

Relax your eyes
Taking an eye break relaxes your nervous system and prepares you for lifelong eye health. A warm compress such as a tea bag or hot towel, followed by cool cuts of cucumber is a sure way to relax your eyes muscles and prepare for a deep sleep.

We also recommend catching up on your latest television series while eating healthy snacks! However, you decide to spend your warm days and nights in, make sure its comfortable. We want to hear how you turned your home cozy, so tag us in your posts on IG - @camillerosenaturals – and tell us about your retreat!

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