These Easy Natural Hairstyles Are Perfect for Halloween

These Easy Natural Hairstyles Are Perfect for Halloween
Who LOVES Halloween?! We do! We’re not sure what you have planned to celebrate this year, but we hope it’s something amazing. We know your hair is one, if not the most, important parts of a bomb costume, so we’re prepping with wonderful ideas for costume hair, makeup, and dressing up. These hairstyles are easy to create and recreate, and pair perfectly with Halloween creative.

Pigtails are easy and classic! This style works well for Rosettes juggling many different costume ideas. You could use this style for something sweet and cute, or something crazy and chaotic. Annabelle, Harley Quinn, and clowns are good ideas for this great style. Creating your own costume with this look is also achievable. You can even spice it up using a temporary color to give your pigtails an added layer of pizzazz!

Ponytails and Buns
These looks are fantastic for a traditional look or something more vivacious. Ponytails work well when trying to encapsulate some of our favorite divas like Beyonce or Ariane Grande for Halloween. If you want to do a little more, you can buy a ponytail with extra length or Halloween colors. Buns are also great for expressing your creativity, and you can use this look for many different reasons. You can spruce these styles up with additional accessories, or glimmer and glitz to achieve your favorite looks!

Your natural curls can work well with any costume! You can incorporate this look with Cat Woman, vampires, skeletons…the list is endless. Rocking your natural curls or adding in a little bit of color can keep your efforts simple, while still achieving the best results. You can even go as America’s favorite, Rosie the Riveter. If you’re thinking about rocking your natural curls with your Halloween fit this year and want to make it really special, consider adding some accessories to your style. You can’t wrong with this look!

Bobs are great for a sophisticated and alluring look. Some of our favorite bobs were rocked by some of our favorite culture icons like; Rihanna, Marylin Monroe, Sarah Paulson, and Kerry Washington. Honorary bob mentions go to Meg Griffin and Tina Belcher. If making big hair changes aren’t on your list of things to do this season, you can buy a wig! These styles pair well with many looks and can definitely take your Halloween style to the top!

Pixie Cuts
The last style on our works great for the Rosettes who are trying to achieve a nice, sleek, look. This style is great for jumping back in time. Pixie cuts were popular in the ’50s, ’60s, and ’90s so there is unlimited potential when planning with this style. Nia long is always a good point reference when perfecting this look. Don’t be afraid to get creative and bring your own personal style this look for Halloween.

If you absolutely loved one of these looks but don’t want to make any major, long-term, hair changes you can always buy a wig! Tag us in your favorite Halloween looks, along with the Camille Rose products you used to achieve them. We can’t wait to see your costumes!

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