These Camille Rose Blends Are a Must For Your Next 3-strand Twist Out

These Camille Rose Blends Are a Must For Your Next 3-strand Twist Out
Hey Rosettes! We hope you’re staying safe and taking care of yourself during this time. Speaking of “this time”, now more than ever is a great opportunity to try new things, including hairstyles and products that nourish! You can learn to achieve some of your favorite looks that you didn’t have the time to try before, right in the comfort of your home.

Our Master Hairstylist EveShudawn shared her favorite Camille Rose Cleansing Milk to master her 3-strand twist out in our latest YouTube video. We love the Camille Rose Cleansing Milks because these plant-based milks promote shine and are full of nutrients like iron, zinc, and omega-3s. We extracted the most potent nutrients from our Garden’s organic fruits and vegetables to craft each milk. Even better, these milks are fresh, 100% vegan, and make your twist outs a lot easier to achieve.

White Orchid Cleansing Milk
The White Orchid Cleansing Milk helps to eliminate tangles and knots in your hair, and helps create smooth buttery soft, delicious curls. It gives lifeless, dull curls extreme and supple volume. Orchid extract, the key ingredient, promotes brilliant shine, softens and hydrates your strands.

Neroli Cleansing Milk
This milk is perfect for reducing shrinkage! The Neroli Cleansing Milk helps to soften and stretch, and dramatically reduces single-strand knots, split ends and breakage. The ancient Neroli plant in this milk helps to penetrates and nourish your hair by increasing blood flow to your cuticle, promoting healthy hair growth. The plant’s properties can effectively cleanse and soothe a dry, irritated or irritated scalp to ultimately promote healthy, elongated, and fresh curls.

Rose Cleansing Milk
We love the Rose Cleansing Milk because it’s perfect for defining curls and reducing frizz. Our Rose Cleansing Milk will make your hair more manageable and reducing the time it takes to wash and condition your hair. Our secret ingredients are flaxseed, which helps to define and moisturize your curls, giving you volume and shine. This sweet, delightful milk helps strengthen your hair by deeply moisturizing and sealing your cuticles.

Your hair is unique, and each milk will address a specific hair type. A few other tips to get your best look are to condition well, let your twists completely dry, and use a penetrating oil to untwist your locks. Need some inspiration to decide which milk to try first? Watch Eve Shudawn’s video on how she achieved her three-strand twist out using her favorite Camille Rose Cleansing Milk now!

Check out the full video on our Camille Rose YouTube Channel.

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