Shout Out to Our UK Camille Rose Content Curator Abbie Curls

Shout Out to Our UK Camille Rose Content Curator Abbie Curls

We got to (virtually) sit down with one of our fav’ Camille Rose content curators, Abbie Curls, who opened up her world and shared her journey with us! We were excited to get to know her, learn about the many cool things that inspires her creativity, and how she chooses to spend her time.

@abbiecurls is a UK-based influencer across Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Her primary niche is afro hair – she posts hairstyle tutorials, hair care tips, and product reviews. Abbie also focuses on women’s health and general lifestyle content. She just recently created an E-book and private consultation service called GROW, which gives readers tips and tricks on how to grow their social media accounts. At home, Abbie is a daughter, sister, auntie, friend that loves to travel, go out to eat, and binge on YouTube videos!

CC: What is your role with Camille Rose?

AC: My role with Camille Rose is to manage their UK social media. I post daily on their Instagram page, respond to DMs and emails, communicate with influencers, and arrange collaborations.

CC: Tell us about your daily tasks with Camille Rose, and what you like most?

AC: What I enjoy the most is communicating with influencers. As I’m an influencer myself, it’s been very interesting to be on the other side of the negotiations. I really love giving influencers, big and small, opportunities to work with such an amazing brand.

CC: You're a hair influencer – and girl, we love your hair! How did this begin for you? 

AC: I began my journey as a hair influencer by starting an Instagram page where I just posted hairstyle photos as a way of motivating myself to do more with my hair than just slicking it back into a bun! My following quickly grew, I started posting more regularly and started posting videos when this was introduced to Instagram. Then I started to take it more seriously and invested a lot of time into it and eventually, brands started reaching out to me. Last year I quit my part-time office job and now, being an influencer has become my full-time job and I love it so much. 

CC: What are your favorite CR products?

AC: I can’t choose only 1 favorite from the Camille Rose collection! I love them all so much. But my top 3 would be the Algae Renew Deep Conditioning Mask, Curl Love Moisture Milk, and Almond Jai Twisting Butter. 

CC: What inspires you?

AC: People who are unapologetically themselves and do what they want to do regardless of what people may think of them inspire me. People who take risks inspire me. All of my close friends and family inspire me each in their individual ways.

We enjoyed getting to know Abbie Curls and learning more about how she became the influencer she is today. We loved hearing about her favorite Camille Rose products, and the things that keep her going. Please check out more of her content on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and her consultation services to learn more about how you can grow your following around the creative ideas you’re passionate about!

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