Rosettes, These Self Care Goodies Are a Must!

Rosettes, These Self Care Goodies Are a Must!
Within the past three weeks, the entire world has been forced to simply slow down. From self-quarantining to sheltering in place orders, the typical day in the life of a human has completely shifted. But fear not – we are all separate, together! We will conquer the dismay.

In the meantime, you know that relaxation you’ve been desiring, but unable to plan? Now is a great opportunity to get it in! While the world is going through changes, take the time to reflect and care with some self-love. There are so many ways to incorporate rest and recovery into your stay at home and we have some great ideas for you below.

Take a hot bubble bath 
Who doesn’t love a nice soak? Bubble baths help with stress relief, can aid in moisturizing your skin, and are simply relaxing. We have all the items needed for your perfect experience. Our Organic Honey Bath Elixir will leave your skin feeling wonderful, the Turmeric Cleansing Bar is perfect for exfoliating your skin, and our Marcona Marnier candle will help you set the perfect mood!

Meal prep – even at home
You may or may not be headed into work every day, but keeping a consistent meal prep routine throughout the week will help ease stress. Meal prepping will keep you on track with your nutrition and give you back some time that you can reallocate to trying out a new hobby. For an added boost of nutrition and vitamins, add our Super Foods vitamins to your meal prep routine. With Vitamins A and E, Biotin, Organic Kelp Powder, and so many other energizing nutrients, adding these vitamins to your routine will aid in your hair health AND your energy levels.

Keep your body active
Janell, who aims to workout at least three times weekly, promises exercise is the easiest way to look AND feel great during these trying times. Exercise aids in mental clarity, has a positive impact on depression, and also helps alleviate anxiety. Several gyms have posted at-home workouts online for you to try, or you can take a walk around your neighborhood. Just make sure to stay at least six feet away from other people – this is a recommendation from the CDC.

Refresh with an at-home hair care treatment
Have you ever had a steam treatment at the salon? We love at-home steam treatments because they help your deep conditioner seep into your hair, promote hair growth by encouraging blood flow, and provide an extra layer of moisture, leaving your hair feeling fresh and healthy. Our vitamin-packed Algae Renew Deep Conditioner is one of our favorites to use for a steam treatment. If you don’t have a steamer at home, simply use an insulated cap or even a plastic shopping bag!

There are so many neat activities to entertain yourself during the current epidemic, including self-care. Enjoy a nice book, cook a new recipe, or simply relax on your couch. Make sure you take care of yourself and stay healthy!
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