Superfoods Hair And Nails
Superfoods Hair And Nails
Superfoods Hair And Nails

Why you'll love it

Meticulously Manufactured

Consciously Clean

Sensationally Supportive

Have complete confidence in your supplements— Superfoods hair health capsules are completely GMP-compliant.

Vegans and vegetarians rejoice—Superfoods capsules are plant-based, conscious, and absolutely nature-friendly.

Enjoy healthier hair and nails, improved overall wellness, and even a daily burst of extra energy with this easy, once-a-day ritual.

We have answers!


You always do your due diligence when incorporating a new product into your self-care routine. At Camille Rose, we support our customers’ desire to learn more—we put together this mini-FAQ all about our Superfoods supplement for that very reason.

Is Camille Rose Superfoods good for hair growth?

Our formula for Superfoods is intentionally designed to encourage vitality, growth, and strength of both hair and nails. In fact, Camille Rose customers report reduced hair loss, sped-up new growth, and increased hair thickness and shine after incorporating Superfoods into their daily routine.

Explore additional hair care products like our conditioning balm and repair hair oil for a tailored routine that supports healthy hair growth.

Is the formula for Camille Rose Superfoods vegan?

Yes! Every ingredient in our Superfoods supplement is plant-based and cruelty-free to improve your hair health. We infuse enriching vitamins and minerals from a number of plant sources, from alfalfa to white tea leaf, to deliver health-building nourishment without creating any harm to animals. Even the convenient, easy-to-swallow capsules are certified vegan.

What sets Camille Rose Superfoods apart from other beauty-supporting supplements?

Aside from GMP-compliance and vegan-certified status, Superfoods is stacked with an ingredients list that provides comprehensive support with a special focus on hair growth. 

Sea kelp, spirulina, saw palmetto berry, bamboo, and curcumin combine with added vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, and biotin to cover a wide variety of beauty and overall wellness concerns while reinforcing hair and nails with deep, fortifying nourishment. 

At Camille Rose, we hold our customers’ health and wellness in the very highest regard, and our vegan, botanical-forward formula for Superfoods encapsulates that care.