Nurture 4C Natural Hair With These Camille Rose Gourmet Blend Combo

Nurture 4C Natural Hair With These Camille Rose Gourmet Blend Combo

Do you have 4C hair? Do you struggle to keep your coils moisturized and hydrated? Are you interested in achieving the tresses of your dreams? Well, look no further because here at Camille’s Corner, we love our 4C natural Rosettes. Your coils are beautiful in every way, and our beauty experts search high and low for the most decadent and naturally sweet recipes that properly care for your hair.

Nurturing 4C Natural Hair The Right Way
What is 4C hair, you ask? Well, we define 4C curls as beautifully – tight coils with typical shrinkage between 60 – 70 percent or more. Check your hair’s porosity level to define the texture of your hair. Understanding what products work best for your hair is the first step in caring for your natural 4C hair.

When it comes to caring for 4C hair, we caught up with our Product Educator Tanya, who has a mixture type 4 hair. She shares the top ways our 4C naturlaistas can mix and match Camille Rose goodies for curls that pop!

Hydrate Those Curls
Coconut Water Hydrating Elixir & Coconut Water Curl Coating CoWash
Your 4C hair needs tender love and care to keep it hydrated and moisturized. Beat brittle ends and dry tresses when you add our newest editions: Coconut Water Curl Coating CoWash and Hydrating Elixir to your hair care routine. Both are enriched with tropical juices and Coconut extracts that deeply penetrate your strands. You’ll notice your hair is much more manageable. Not to mention, it smells absolutely amazing!

Camille Rose Coconut Water Style Setter

Camille Rose Curl Love

Get That Slip, Girl!
Coconut Water Style Setter & Curl Love Moisture Milk
After washing your hair, detangling can be a timely process. Cut the time in half and watch your curls drip with juicy slip. Tanya says, she loves using Camille Rose’s Coconut Water Style Setter and Curl Love Moisture Milk to make sure her curls are on point. On freshly cleansed hair, she combines creamy Coconut Water Style Setter and Curl Love Moisture Milk to style and define her curls!

Flexible Styling and Hold
Lavender Shaken Hair Spritzer & Latte Leave – in
What is your favorite style? Is it twists – outs, braid – outs, perm rods, or a wash – and- go’s? No matter what your go – to style is for your natural 4C natural hair, keep it tight minus the crunch. Tanya says, her absolute go – to combo for hold without the hassle is Camille Rose’s Lavender Shaken Hair Spritzer and Latte Leave – in. Again, starting every style with freshly cleansed hair is vital to achieving any bomb style. Out Latte Leave – In conditioner uses Sunflower and Black Cumin Seed oils to nourish and define your curls. Add our spritzer to keep them refreshed, conditioned and intact.

Have you tried these combos? What gourmet blends do you mix and match to keep your hair shining and healthy? Let us know in the comments below!

Lavender Shaken Hair Spritzer

Lavender Shaken Hair Spritzer

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