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Janell Shares Four Ways to Hit The Reset Button

We’re about over three months into the New Year – following new habits, (hopefully) improved eating, and better routines. How have you been holding up? 

With the many changes that take place throughout the year, it’s always important to follow a healthy routine to keep your mind and body energized. Following a healthy regimen is also important to keep your hair and skin vibrant, full, and glowing.

Take it from Camille Rose Founder, Janell Stephens. Between balancing her total wellness business, caring for her five children, maintaining her own health & wellness and keeping her household intact; she was simply tired. Slowly but surely falling off her healthy regimen, she started replacing her morning juices that were full of the vitamins and minerals she needed with sugary coffee. By mid-morning each day, she felt exhausted. Janell finally stopped, processed, and re-started her daily routine.

Here’s four ways Janell says you can stop, reset, and re-start to get your routine back on track.

Get your beauty rest, sis!
It may sound cliché, but nothing is more important than getting a full night’s rest – or 7 to 8 hours. Snoozing not only allows your body to process and reset overnight, it also aids in mental and emotional health, allowing you to start fresh each day.

Want more energy? Add Camille Rose’s Super Food Hair and Nail Vitamins to your meal prep.
Now we may just be on to something. Our Super Food Hair and Nail Vitamins are like a hair stimulant and energy mixture combined in one! With Vitamins A and E, Biotin, Organic Kelp Powder and so many other energizing nutrients, adding these vitamins to your routine will aid in your hair health AND your energy levels. Boom!

Aim for a healthy body AND a healthy mind.
Janell, who aims to workout at least three times weekly, promises exercise is the easiest way to look AND feel great throughout the day. It aids in mental clarity, has a positive impact on depression, helps alleviate anxiety, and can help you get into that small, black dress sitting in the back of your closet. Knock out two birds with one stone – run a few laps, ride your bike or go swimming. You will feel great all week long!

Trust yourself and your team.
When your business and brand grow, it’s important to surround yourself with a strong team of people who understand your vision. Janell, who still remains hands on in every aspect of the Camille Rose brand asserts building such a fun-loving team who at times have motivated her even more to create and drive her business further. Whatever industry you’re in, it’s even more important to trust your team to make the right decisions. Doing so has allowed her to take more care of herself and spend more quality time with her family without compromising her brand.