Hitting Campus With All The Curls

Hitting Campus With All The Curls

Rosettes, this sunny season was filled twist outs, festivals, bantu knots, and pool days. Your Hot Curl Summer doesn’t have to end! We want to make you keep your hairstyles simple and cute on campus this fall, so we’ve listed easy “back-to-school” tips to keep your curls flourishing while studying. Stash this guide in your book bag or dorm to keep your curls in check.

Determine which day is going to be your “wash day” 
Choose a day that is relatively less busy, and you have enough free space (if you share a dorm or apartment) to get your hair squeaky clean. We also suggest you wash on a day that you have less work to complete. Start your wash with our Sweet Ginger Cleansing Rinse to wash and soften your curls. The hints of sweet ginger root and lemon will clarify your curls and relieve a little school-related stress!

Never, ever skip a weekly deep condition 
Starting school can be a busy time with new classes and a routine to stick to, and sometimes it’s easy to neglect your hair. Deep conditioning is important because it helps restore any lost moisture. We recommend our Algae Renew Deep Conditioner, packed with 65 vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Do you want to penetrate your scalp, but don’t have a dryer or steamer? Try a microwaveable thermal deep-conditioning heat cap like Hot Head's Thermal Hair Care to seal the deal.

Keep a microfiber towel handy
Microfiber towels may dry your hair faster because they’re less fluffy than cotton towels, lack lent (which may cause hair tangles), and they absorb water much quicker – allowing you to get to studying or class much faster.

Running late? Keep it simple with a wash-n-go 
Honestly – who doesn’t love a good wash-n-go? There are so many ways to rock it! For the sake of time, quickly define your curls after a nice steam shower with our Curl Maker. The marshmallow root will smooth and nourish your curls, while the defining jelly will define your locks without a crunchy or hard finish. Perfecto!

Keep track with an app
If you’ve recently done the BIG Chop, are transitioning or just want your longer hair, there’s an app for that! Similar to Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, the Hair Journal app is a community of naturalistas sharing their hair-stories. The app also makes your hair growth journey fun, memorable and easy. You can set reminders, see your natural hair journey in real time with photos, and share every step of the way with your friends!

To learn more back -to-school hair tips and which products to use - check us out at various Walmart Stores during the 2019 Walmart Back-to-School College Tour!

Store Locations and Dates:
8.8.19 2200 SPARKAM DR. HUNTSVILLE, AL 35810, 1-4 PM
8.9.19 - 5929 GEORGIA AVE NW WASHINGTON DC 20011 - 1-4 PM
8.10.19 - 1238 PUTTY HILL AVE BALTIMORE, MD 21286 - 1-4 PM
8.12.19 835 MLK JR DR ATLANTA, GA 30314 1-4 PM 8.14.19 14507 PLANK RD BAKER, (BATON ROUGE) LA 70714 - 1-4 PM
8.14.19 2795 NORTH RD ORANGEBURG SC 29118 - 1-4 PM
8.15.19 7044 CHARLOTTE PIKE NASHVILLE, TN 37209 - 1-4 PM
8.18.18 2391 S WAYSIDE DRIVE PEARLAND, (HOUSTON) TX 77023 - 1-4 PM
8.22.19 4400 W TENNESSEE ST TALLAHASSEE FL 32304 - 1-4 PM

Try these hair tips this fall and share your journey with us in the comments below


Sweet Ginger Cleansing Rinse
Sweet Ginger Cleansing Rinse

Sweet Ginger Cleansing Rinse

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Algae Renew Deep Conditioner

Algae Renew Deep Conditioner

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