Got the Holiday Blues? Here’s 5 Ways to Stay Calm And Happy This Season

Got the Holiday Blues? Here’s 5 Ways to Stay Calm And Happy This Season
Society tells us that celebrating the holidays is a time for laughter, fun, reflection, and spending time with loved ones. While this may be true, the feelings of anxiety and depression are also very common. According to the American Psychological Association, thirty-eight percent of people surveyed said their stress level increased during the holiday season. Whether your stress stems from your work, your finances, too much family time, or gift-giving, stress is very common and can be very difficult to manage. Stress can result in a poor holiday experience overall.

While we’re not doctors, we do want all of our Rosettes to enjoy this time of the year. We sat and discussed our favorite things to do in holiday cheer, and we've compiled a list of our top five fun ways to stay stress free.‘Tis the season!
Attend a holiday-themed yoga class What’s better than jingle bells and downward dogs? Join a group of yogis to stretch it out to your favorite holiday tunes. You’ll burn some stress and maybe even some added calories from all the reindeer-shaped cookies you’ve been eating.

Visit a local lights display
What better way to manage stress is there than to visit a lights display at your local zoo or botanical garden? While light sensitivities can be a result from stress, blue lights can influence relaxation levels. Grab some hot cocoa and go!
Bake cookies

Some people report stress-eating as a result of heightened anxiety or depression. Get creative and knock the stress-eating for stress-relieving baking! Pinterest has awesome recipes to choose from, and you can bake all types of gingerbread, sugar, or chocolate chip cookies from scratch. Head to your local convenience store and grab holiday-themed tins to put them in. Voila! You now have handmade, heartfelt holiday gifts to share with your loved ones. All on a budget, too!

Christmas Karaoke
Why not sing your heart out at a local bar? Get your friends together and head to the local karaoke spot in town for a night of singing and food. Some karaoke places offer private rooms for those that are shy in front of an audience. Sing your favorite songs or keep the Christmas spirit alive with “Santa Clause is Coming to Town.”

Ask for help
Some of us take too much on to do with too little time. Often times we overwhelm ourselves with over planning, under preparing, and not seeking the assistance we need to plan that next party or host a celebratory dinner. Make sure to ask your friends and family for help when needed. Even delegating the smallest tasks may reduce some of your stress levels, and it’s a great way to bond and connect with those providing the assistance. Those that don’t ask don’t get fed, so don’t be scared! Ask for the helping hand.

Are you planning the next holiday get-together, or making dinner for loved ones? Do you have coping mechanisms in place to deal with added stress? We want to hear how you manage your stress during the holidays. Tag us on Facebook or Instagram at and let us know how you do it!

Image: Brook Lark 

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