Celebrating Memorial Day With These Curly Hair Styles

Celebrating Memorial Day With These Curly Hair Styles

Get ready, Rosettes - Memorial Day, aka the unofficial start of summer, is right around the corner! This week, Camille's Corner is showcasing curly-girl styles in anticipation of rising temperatures and long-awaited summer fun.

Sweet Buns 
Remember festivals? Block parties? Food truck Fridays? This cute low bun style, featuring twin soft buns, tiny tendrils, and a glittering gold headband, is an homage to the music festival style that any hair type can rock.

Step 1: Start by parting the hair down the middle and securing one side of the hair in a ponytail.

Step 2: Spray the loose section of hair with water.

Step 3: Grab your Camille Rose Coconut Water Style Setter. This tropical cream hair gel is crafted with botanical aloe vera juices and citrus extracts to hydrate and hold two musts for this sleek style. We also love the lush aroma of orange, lemon, and coconut - it smells like summer! Apply a generous amount of product to the dampened hair from root to tip.

Step 4: Follow up with agave and marshmallow extract infused Camille Rose Curl Maker to define and smooth curls. Pump a dime-sized amount into the hand and work together in palms, then apply to the hair, defining curls with fingers as you go.

Step 5: Start with a small amount of hair near the beginning of your part and twist the front and side into a sizeable diagonal twist, gathering more hair as you move toward the back of your head.

Step 6: At the nape of your neck, split the hair into two sections and continue to twist, adding a little more of the Coconut Water Style Setter to ends for superior definition.

Step 7: Next, twist the twist around itself, putting the hair in a low bun and securing it with a hair tie.

Step 8: Repeat steps two to seven on the other side of the hair. Finish by defining baby hairs and tendrils with Curl Maker. Add a sparkly hair accessory to kick up the summer glam vibes!

(Bantu) Knotty and Nice
Bantu knots are a classic summer staple. Bantu knots can be rocked in so many ways while working double-time as a protective style.

To keep your knots popping this season, integrate Camille Rose Curl Love Moisture Milk into your repertoire. Not your ordinary leave-in, Curl Love is a bespoke blend of rice milk, rosehip juice droplets, aloe, and green tea extract that nourishes and prevents common warm-weather woes like dried-out strands and tough tangles.

After you’ve parted and separated your hair into the desired amount of sections, begin working our Curl Love throughout your hair, ensuring that your strands are wet throughout before twisting into knots.

Check out this Rosette tutorial with a flawless take on bantu beauty.

Braid-out Brilliance
From the beach to the barbeque, we love braid-outs for creating low-key curls that last for days.

To get the most out of your braid out, we recommend combining Curl Love with Camille Rose Almond Jai Twisting Butter. Enjoy hints of our aromatic blend of pumpkin, macadamia, and olive oils. Our master mixologists start with a nutrient-rich almond milk base, then drizzled with touches of organic honey and finished with a botanical juice blend of aloe and green tea extract to nourish and elongate tresses.

We love this Rosette braid out-and-bun combo!

This summer can’t come quick enough! Stay styling with these simple and chic looks perfect for all your cookouts, lake days, beach getaways, and so much more.

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