Celebrate Women's History Month Honoring Our Founder Janell Stephens

Celebrate Women's History Month Honoring Our Founder Janell Stephens
Happy International Women's Month, Rosettes! In celebration, we want to take a little time to honor our always inspiring Founder, Janell Stephens!

Over eight years ago, the brand we know now as Camille Rose was born in Louisiana native Janell Stephens' kitchen. As a devout vegan and a proud believer in prayer, Stephens began the Camille Rose journey for reasons close to her heart. As is too often the case, her children were suffering from chronic eczema. Stephens could no longer sit by and watch them struggle alone - she made it her mission to find a solution to her children's ailments. And thus, Camille Rose was born in a humble yet caring kitchen.

In 2012, three years after crafting skin care solutions for her family, Camille Rose initially launched. It offered gentle and bespoke products ranging from hair and skincare products to diaper rash cream and nursing mom cream. Janell Stephens made it her mission to create products that serve a purpose in making people's everyday self-care routines more comfortable, beautiful, and luxurious. With Camille Rose, the bathroom becomes a spa, the bedroom a boudoir - this was Stephens' modest yet enterprising vision.

After her initial launch's incredible success, Janell Stephens saw that she was onto something. She worked to craft more products, specifically the Rosette beloved Curl Love Moisture Milk and the most popular Camille Rose Naturals product to date, the Almond Jai Twisting Butter. In 2012, Camille Rose became available in over one hundred Target stores nationwide. Soon after, other well-known retailers, such as Sally's Beauty, Walgreens, and Boots UK, transcending the global and virtual market and shaking up the beauty world. Naturally, the Camille Rose brand then expanded, now offering over thirty product ranges, all handcrafted, non-toxic, and deliciously indulgent. In addition to the Camille Rose product collections, Camille Rose has expanded into a full lifestyle brand, now offering spa and home ranges and six collections, with many new delights in the works.

These days, Janell Stephens' wears many hats. She is the proud Founder of the Janell Ennis Stephens Foundation - an organization that supports entrepreneurial and visionary women and families in need, focusing on single and struggling mothers. What inspires Janell Stephens? Much like in the beginning, Stephens is inspired by the people who give her life and energy - her friends, family, and clients. Seeing Camille Rose grow into not just a successful brand but a lifestyle staple is what drives Stephens.

You can trust Camille Rose to source ingredients with integrity, for every batch to be handcrafted with love." That is Stephens' core mission, which you can see fulfilled in every Camille Rose product, from the OG skincare butters to the iconic new perfumes and candles. Even throughout the recent pandemic that rocked the United States, Stephens kept her feet on the ground. Her eyes fixed on her vision, releasing new essential products such as hand sanitizer and engaging with clients through social media, showing her ingenuity and commitment to her client base. "If it's your passion, your drive, don't let anyone bully you. Just stand firm and stay true to what you know," Stephens muses to Forbes.

If you didn't know, then now you know. March is International Women's Month! This month, live your truth and honor the powerful women in your life.

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