Benefits of the Coconut Water Collection | A Splash of Love

Benefits of the Coconut Water Collection | A Splash of Love

Contributed by blogger, Lilas Mia.

Oh sweet summer, we meet again! If you’re like me, the next 3 months will consist of endless episodes of family cookouts, laying out in the sun, beach days and refreshing dips in the pool. I become very low maintenance with my hair routine as soon as the temperature hits 80 degrees. Hair is less of a priority when summer weather is unpredictable, because who really wants to waste a good hair day?

All year round, I love using the variety of Camille Rose Naturals products. It’s an ingredient-focused line, full of natural and nourishing components to hydrate and replenish moisture, which you will see for yourself below. 

If you’re like me and struggle with long-lasting moisture and definition from combination of heat and humidity, say hello to the triple threat: Camille Rose NaturalsCoconut Water Collection. The last thing I need are products that weigh my hair down and these are great, lightweight alternative from the classic Curl Maker and Almond Jai Butter, Camille Rose bestsellers.

camille rose coconut water collection benefits

The collection includes 3 different products:

-the Coconut Water Leave-in Treatment is lightweight leave-in conditioner which consists of coconut water, fruit extracts, flaxseed oil, grape, hemp and sunflower for increased moisture. Additionally, shea butter and marshmallow root helps create a non-greasy, shine-enhancing nourisher for all textures;

-the Coconut Water Penetrating Hair Treatment is perfect for dehydrated strands after those long beach days. Aloe juices provide a thirst-quenching moisture as cocoa beads, coconut butter creams and argan fruit extracts softens your hair. An important ingredient in this product is palm kernel oil which strengthens and thickens hair while preventing breakage and hair loss. 

-the Coconut Water Style Setter is considered a cream hair “gel” to provide moisture and a light hold. Ingredients include a combination of coconut, aloe vera and ripe citrus extracts of orange and lemon, as well as castor and coconut oils for maximum shine. 

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