Aren’t Ready to Head to a Salon? Try These 5 Hair DIY Essentials At-Home

Aren’t Ready to Head to a Salon? Try These 5 Hair DIY Essentials At-Home
Hey, Rosettes! How are you feeling?! It’s been two or so months since many U.S states enacted mandatory stay-at-home orders due to the outbreak, while some states are reopening their economies this month, it’s totally natural to feel uneasy about public hair salons! Now listen, some of y’all are ready to get back in your beautician’s chair – like, yesterday, while others are easing their way back into the public. We understand either way. But for those of you that are in the middle, or are definitely staying inside for a bit longer, we’ve got you covered. Here are five easy styles to replicate on your own while at home so you can still nourish your curls while staying extra safe.

Roller Sets
We love a good roller set because it’s not only super cute, it can be done at home and still look like you just left the salon! Roller sets are great for ensuring your curls are conditioned, while making you feel good with a super cute style. Rollers come in different sizes to accommodate for your hair length or the curl size you wish to achieve. When styling, try our Spiked Bacuri Styling Cold Foam to hydrate and hold bouncy, juicy curls!

Braids are an excellent protective style that come in all shapes and forms, meaning you can experiment with your favorite braided style while at home. Whether you choose to braid your natural hair or use hair weave to enhance them, braids are a great way to simplify your styling and protect your hair. They can also be used for quick conditioning, making it easy to oil your scalp on a daily basis. The key to good braids is hydration, so we recommend using the OUD Rich Infusion Hair Oil or the Honey Leave-In for everyday care. The OUD Rich Infusion oil’s olive and jojoba combo provide extreme hydration to your scalp, and the droplets of honey in the Honey Leave-In locks in your moisture. Just make sure the braids aren’t too tight and don’t pull on your scalp.

The Pineapple
Who doesn’t love the pineapple?! Grab your fabric headbands laying around the house and work on your pineapple shape. Get your hair poppin’ with our Fresh Curl, and then bundle your curls up into a pineapple for an easy updo. This is the perfect go-to style for those of you working from home, and for those working out in their living rooms and backyards!

Juicy Two-Strand Twists
This is the perfect style for our essential working Rosettes that don’t have a ton of time to dedicate to hair styling. Use our Lavender Crush Defining Gel for an extra hold on your twists, and let them air dry overnight. When you wake up, you’ll be ready to conquer the world! P.s. – Thank you to all of our front-line and essential workers helping us get through these unprecedented times.

The Wash-n-Go
The classic wash-n-go is a simple, easy-to-master,hydrating style you can perfect while staying home. Your hair reaps the benefits of fresh water and a hydrating conditioner for double the nourishment. We recommend trying a cucumber-water wash with the Coconut Water Penetrating Hair Treatment, and then following up with the Coconut Water Leave-In Treatment. Both have penetrating seed oils to maximize your moisture all day long.

There are several different styles you can master while staying at home that promote hair growth and still give you a salon style. Check out our other products that can help you achieve your desired stay-at-home looks!

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