All About The Oils: How These Mixtures Make For Healthy Hair

All About The Oils: How These Mixtures Make For Healthy Hair

It’s no secret, incorporating oils into your routine is key to healthy and robust hair. That’s why Camille Rose has mixed up a batch of blends to leave your hair looking and feeling luscious!

Healthy and strong hair 
No matter your hair type, porosity, or choice of styling methods, oils provide vast benefits from roots to ends.

Oils hydrate hair strands to protect against the elements (and activities like heat styling) to prevent breakage and increase elasticity, leading to more robust and longer hair. That’s major.

On top of all that, oils also work to condition your scalp, which in turn encourages new growth.

Fresh from Camille’s kitchen
Want hair that’s moisturized to the max? Check out these choice picks that will quench your curls and coils like no other.

Buratti Nectar Repair Hair Oil
Infusing Omega-rich, Amazonian Buritti fruit oil with sweet almond, rosemary, orange peel, castor oils, Buritti Nectar repair oil is designed to drench dry, brittle, and lifeless textured hair in the moisture it craves. Buratti Nectar Repair Hair Oil can be used as a hair and scalp oil on dry hair or after washing and conditioning to lock in moisture. It can even be used for styling (check out Rosette Alyssa Marie’s Camille Rose wash-n-go featuring repair hair oil)!

Oud Rich Infusion Hair Oil: If your tresses are prone to tangles, you’ll want to check out this exotic and aromatic oil. Combining rare Middle Eastern Oud oil with tried and true hair care staples like coconut and rice oils, this cocktail gives hair a double shot of moisture without weighing it down.

Pro-tip: for even more intense results, use Oud Rich Infusion Moisture Treatment - you won’t regret it!

Nangai & Tsubaki Strength Restore Hair Oil
A strength restoring mixture comprised of Nangai nut and Japanese Tsubaki oils rich in Vitamin E and Omega 3, Nangai & Tsubaki Strength restore oil is crafted to stop breakage before it starts, seal in moisture, and promote healthy and strong locks.

This complex, curated blend makes brittle and broken hair a thing of the past.

Cocoa Nibs and Honey Oil
Well-loved by Rosettes worldwide, this best-selling oil is one of our favorites from the Camille Rose kitchen! A melange of sesame seeds, coconut, jojoba, and olive oils are combined with amla oils and Brahmi herbs (both legendary Aryuvedic hair care remedies). This mixture increases circulation and unblocks hair follicles for healthier strands and moisture retention.

For the best results, apply to the scalp every other night before bedtime or whenever your hair needs a pick me up.

Rejuva Drops
If you’re looking to regrow lost hair, look no further than Rejuva Drops. This masterfully mixed serum combines saw palmetto, peppermint leaves, and castor beans with Biotin that works to nourish the hair while slowing the aging process by blocking DHT (dihydrotestosterone) for miraculous regrowth results.

Rosettes are raving about these #MixedFreshToOrder blends. Comment your faves below!


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I have a lupus and I’m on alot of medication, which causes my edges to thin. Will this rejuvenate oil help with growth and strength of my edges?


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