5 Influencers We Never Knew We Needed During COVID-19

5 Influencers We Never Knew We Needed During COVID-19

For those of you that have needed entertainment, a distraction, or a new means of learning during the pandemic, social media has probably been a major relief. Motivating ourselves or maintaining a positive attitude has been hard, but a few influencers have made it easy and enjoyable. We love getting on social media to find a great energy boost or the motivation we need to do good. We found several influencers who are the top tier in this field that we’ve grown to appreciate even more during this pandemic.  

Tabitha Brown @Iamtabithabrown
Tabitha Bonita Brown is a dope social media personality and upcoming actress. She’s gained a lot of popularity this year through her YouTube and Instagram videos, and we love her because she’s authentic. Brown encourages us to eat healthy by teaching us new tips and tricks to use with an all-vegan diet! Her personality keeps us entertained, while her content keeps us waiting for more ways to make good vegan food. She is such a light during this pandemic. Her bubbly energy keeps us grounded and her influence is not going unnoticed. Check out her website to keep up with what she is doing next! 

Caaliyah, not Hazel @hazel_goddesss
Caaliyah has been giving us hair goals all quarantine. She’s known for making easy, at-home natural hair care videos and her hair is always on point! With over five years of experience as a natural hair influencer, she’s only getting better with time. One of her most recent hair switch-ups was a temporary purple dye that is gentle on curls and allows you to switch up your style – beautiful! We love tuning into her channel because we are always inspired to do something new and really cool with our hair. Just because we’re stuck inside doesn’t mean we can’t love on ourselves!

Joie Chavis - @joieinlife
Joy Chavez is a popular health and fitness influencer who serves us healthy meals in the kitchen and serves us bawdy on the dance floor. We are always hyped when she drops new workout videos, or when she shows us the latest moves at the dance studio. When we need motivation, or we need to hit the gym and put in work with a great session, she’s our go-to inspiration. She’s also an entrepreneur and sells athletic wear, waist trainers, and other fitness-related gear. You can tune in to her Instagram, YouTube channel, or website for some quarantine motivation. 

Jordyn Woods - @jordynwoods
Jordyn Woods has been giving us luxury-lifestyle vibes during this pandemic! She has been recently featured in Pop Smoke’s and Lil Tay’s music video Mood Swing and we are so proud to see how far she’s come. Jordyn is mostly known for FrstPlace home and gym workout plans, however, she is also recognized for her makeup and beauty talents as well. She is always serving us with a sleek look and her personal growth has been very rewarding to watch during this quarantine season. 

B Simone - @thebsimone
B Simone has been a pleasure to watch. This influencer has been giving us triple threat vibes all year! She made her first million through her multi-talented gigs, and she always proves that she can do more. Aside from being a social media personality with her own show, and newfound author, she is also an ambassador for some of our favorite brands, like Fenty! We are always entertained while watching her content. She has definitely been a breath of fresh air during this pandemic. 

These influencers are inspiring us to be our best selves during such a trying time. These ladies shared their light with us and they motivate us to keep our light bright. We hope this list has brought you as much joy and inspiration as it did for us. Enjoy, Rosettes!

Image via The New York Times 

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