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5 Hair Care Tips When Wearing Knotless Braids

5 Hair Care Tips When Wearing Knotless Braids
Stylish braids of all types have been around for decades. We’ve seen jumbo and box braids on Janet in Poetic Justice, cornrows on Queen Latifah in Set It Off, and micros on Brandy. We’ve seen braids wit bright colors, different patterns, fishtail braids, and even braids used to create faux loc styles. We’ve seen it all!

This year, a hot trend for braids peaked the scene that essentially removes the knots between where the hair weave locks to your strands, giving this style the name, “knotless braids”. Let me tell you – this style is super cute! These braids look more natural and spice up this classic hair trend. As always, braids offer not only a unique way of expression, but also a protective way to give your hair a break.

While knotless braids and other protective styles are options to rock your locks, hair neglect is real, and can do more harm than good. We caught up with our Master Stylist and Gourmet Blends Expert Eve to bring you five great hair care tips to ensure you are getting the best looks out of your knotless braids while keeping your hair we maintained underneath:

Clarify and moisturize on a regular basis
Even after your install, it’s important you continue to remove buildup from your scalp and keep your hair moisturized so that it's flourishing underneath. One of our favorite buildup-removing cleansers is our Caramel Cowash. It’s lightweight so it won’t weigh your style down after washing, and it’s super hydrating and breakage-reducing – the perfect cleansing combo for any type of extensions.

Don’t overdue the style
When it’s time to take that style down, IT’S TIME! A protective style install is not meant to be worn for a lifetime – just enough time to give your hair a break. While you can wear some protective styles, including knotless braids, up to 8 weeks, we recommend 4-6 weeks of wear to avoid any long-term damage to your hair underneath.

Pay attention to your hair porosity
Make sure you have a firm understanding of your hair’s porosity prior to getting your knotless braids. Fine hair tends to not do as well with large box braids because of the weave’s heaviness – if braids are too heavy, they can pull fine hair straight out the scalp. We recommend our Buritti Nectar Hair Repair Oil for strengthening hair from root to tip while protective styling. This oil’s Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids will keep your natural hair strong and nourish your scalp. We also recommend getting a consultation from your stylist before any install.

Protect day AND night
Keep it cute at night, too by wrapping your hair up with a silk scarf or bonnet. The silkiness will help prevent breakage while sleeping. Before wrapping your hair up, spray your style down with our Coconut Water Hydrating Elixir for overnight moisturizing and nourishment. If you’re not into bonnets or scarfs, a silk pillow case will also do the trick!

Be gentle
Sometimes taking your protective styles down can be tiresome and tedious. Although it may take longer, try your best to be very careful and gentle when you take your styles down to avoid yanking your hair and breaking it off. You could also have your stylist remove it for a nominal fee. Patience is key!

We want to know how you’re styling and rocking your knotless braids. Share your ideas and additional hair care tips in the comments below!