The Best Camille Rose Collections For Your Hair Type

The Best Camille Rose Collections For Your Hair Type

Achieving your hair goals will always be a process of achieving the “perfect” looks you want and maintaining them. No matter where you started in your natural hair journey, you have likely experienced some frustrations along the way. Many natural hair enthusiasts often experience hair envy as they try to navigate their curls. We’re here to remind our Rosettes that learning to celebrate your beautiful hair is an important part of being #HairGoals. Camille Rose products are catered to help each hair type, and here’s some of our favorites for each one. 

Camille Rose Coconut Water Collection for wavy hair
This hair texture resembles beautiful waves of the sea and can fluctuate. These curls are typically loose with an inconsistent shape. This curl pattern is versatile - going from wavy to straight, and using lightweight products like the Coconut Water Collection will keep your waves defined, healthy, and without the frizz. This collection will leave your hair feeling light and softs, with long-lasting results. It’s great for keeping your hair moisturized, treating your ends, and protecting your hair from frizz! This collection will leave your
hair feeling light and softs, with long-lasting results.

Camille Rose Around The World Collection for kinky hair
This texture is tighter and more delicate. Kinky curls create noteworthy halos that are jaw-dropping and beautiful. These curls can withstand gravity, which makes them a perfect work of art to gaze upon. This texture is more prone to dehydration and the protective style works best at ensuring health and length retention. It’s best to use products that are great for keeping your curls defined and moisturized. Camille’s Rose’ Around the World Collection is great for catering to the needs of kinky hair textures. Around the World is filled with Vitamin E and Omega 3, crafted to prevent breakage, retain moisture, and promote healthier and stronger hair. 

Camille Rose Lavender Collection for coily hair
This hair texture is wiry, coarse, and typically packed tight to the scalp. These gorgeous curls dance to the beat of their own drum. Characterized by a well-defined and unique pattern, this texture is thick and full of volume, and to ensure tresses are healthy - hydration is key. It’s also important to nourish these strands with protein treatments and deep conditioners. Rosettes, The Lavender Collection is absolutely perfect - these herbal hair treatments promote healthy hair growth and length retention.

Camille Rose Signature Collection for curly hair
This hair type embraces frizz, volume, and spirals. While the spirals may fluctuate in size—it’s consistent throughout, creating a ringlet. This hair texture works well with Camille Rose’s Signature Collection. These products provide your strands with the consistent moisture required to prevent the hair from being dull and brittle.

Camille Rose Cleansing Milks for straight hair
Straight hair doesn’t have a defined curl pattern. Resilient and full of luster, this hair texture easily absorbs natural oils from the scalp while evenly distributing it through the hair’s shafts for nourishment. This hair type is less prone to split ends, breakage, and dehydration. To keep this hair type vibrant, regular shampooing and conditioning are recommended to avoid oil build-up. This Cleansing Milk Collection is great for promoting healthy, shiny, and beautiful hair. Make sure you follow up with a lightweight deep conditioner for the best long-lasting results! 

 #HairGoals is celebrating your natural strands just the way are. Using products that cater to your texture’s needs will maximize your efforts, giving you the best results. 

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