Why These Reality Shows Are Giving Us the Feels

Why These Reality Shows Are Giving Us the Feels

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Do you find yourself watching more TV these days, Rosettes? Studies show that since 2020, Americans spend more time watching television, making it the most popular leisure activity in the US.

While we love being active or curling up with a good book, there’s something to be said about taking time to take in some great television. This season’s lineup is full of love, diversity, and inclusion and we love to see it!

E! We Got Love: Teyana Taylor + Iman Shumpert
You might remember GOOD music recording artist, actress, dancer, model and more Teyana Taylor from her debut on MTV’s “My Super Sweet 16” way back in 2007. Taylor also written records for the likes of renowned singers Usher and Omarion. Or maybe you know her by her more recent appearances on the runway and by husband, Iman Shumpert’s side.

Taylor and Iman Shumpert made their reality tv debut together in 2018 with “Teyana & Iman” on VH1 and now the power couple is back with “We Got Love” on E!, “an unfiltered behind-the-scenes look at their lives juggling music, fashion, business and family.”

We love to see Black love and Taylor and Iman are the epitome of just that!

“We constantly trust that no matter what we go through, we’re going to end up closer. You’ve got to fight for that,” Shumpert told XONecole on their relationship.

We can't wait to see how “We Got Love” brings Taylor, Shumpert and their family closer.

WE tv Brat Loves Judy
Atlanta-based veteran rapper and entertainment entrepreneur Shawntae Harris better known as Da Brat was the first platinum female solo rap act and has 22 Billboard Top 100 hits under her belt. Until 2005, when she made her first reality TV debut on “The Surreal Life,” we knew a lot about Da Brat’s music without a lot of insight into her personal life.

After the “Surreal Life” came “Celebrity Fit Club,” “The Rap Game” and “Growing Up Hip-Hop: Atlanta” - you could say the rap star is something of a reality star at this point as well! Her latest show, “Brat Loves Judy” is another move in that direction.

“Brat Loves Judy” on WE tv is Da Brat’s first show with the spotlight on her and her life, showcasing her life with her partner, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and Kaleidoscope Hair founder, Jesseca DuPart.

“I’ve never been so willing to show my personal life,” Da Brat said. “We can help motivate others in their relationships. That’s what we want to do.”

“Brat Loves Judy” isn’t just a spotlight on her relationship, it’s also an homage to the power of love in general.

“She made me fearless. I’m proud of my happiness no matter what gender they are. I want people to see real love and pain and vulnerability, the mundane and the salacious.”

HBO Max’s Sweet Life: Los Angeles
It is often said that the love between friends is just as important as romantic love and HBO Max’s “Sweet Life: Los Angeles” is a testament to that.

The new unscripted reality series from HBO’s series hit Insecure co-creator Issa Rae follows a group of well-to-do Black BFFs in their twenties and the ups and downs of making it work in love and career in the City of Angels.

“Sweet Life” sets out to showcase Black excellence and friendship and we’re so here for it.

“I want to give us the same production value and make us look beautiful on screen, with the same amazing soundtracks that ‘The Hills’ got,” Rae said of her vision for the sweet life.

We can’t think of anything sweeter.

In love and friendship, we like to keep it real! What reality shows are catching your attention this season?

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