Watch These 5 Camille Rose Brosettes Show Off Their Healthy Hair

Watch These 5 Camille Rose Brosettes Show Off Their Healthy Hair

We love celebrating the qualities that make us colorful and shed light on things that bring us joy. Haircare is diverse, spanning across age, gender, and ethnicity. There are a lot of men who have beautiful hair of all lengths and textures, using our products for their desired results. Let’s check out our Camille Rose Brosettes who are changing the healthy hair game and are super fun to keep tabs on! 

Terrell Britten 
@terrellbritten is a beautycon, a licensed esthetician, and skincare gawd, okay! He pulled down on our IG a while back, showcasing his beautiful locs and his hydration routine. He used our Honey Hydrate as he talked us into affirmations and positivity. We loved his energy and golden locs, and we appreciate what he contributes to the world of beauty.

Apply Honey Hydrate onto damp hair with your fingers so that moisture can grace your strands. Follow it up with our Leave-In Collection Latte and Herbal Tea to get the best results!

Jonathan Wright 
@Iam_Jonathan_ is a creative director & hair guru. We were so excited to partner with him for his giveaway series to celebrate a million. Jonathan has been slaying hairstyles for a while, and he used his success to bless us with his creatives routines using a few of our most popular items. He showcased our Cocoa Nibs & Honey Ultimate Growth, which opens blocked hair follicles, improves circulation, and enhances optimal hair growth. He also showed how our Rejuva- Drops Grow Back  blocks DHT (dihydrotestosterone), slowing the aging process and reduces hair loss through restoring and strengthening the follicles.

Dre Major
@therealdremajor is definitely on our #CurlCrush list! His coils are hydrated and defined, making him an inspiration for Brosettes everywhere. Love his curls, too? We have plenty of CR products to help you achieve this look, like Camille Rose’s Curl Maker, Camille Rose Crush Defining Gel, and more!

Will, Not Willy
@Willnotwilly showed us how to achieve a bomb braided style using our Honey Leave-In Conditioner. His strands were perfectly defined, and his braids were conditioned. This leave-in is perfect for keeping your hair hydrated, protected, and perfectly prepared for a braid-out style. 

Our Brosette did it BIG with one of our favs, the Curl Maker. He woke up looking like a ray of sunshine, and his curls looking juicy. We loved to see his curls shine when the sunlight hit his crown. Have you tried Curl Maker yet? You and your Brosettes rock curls? Snag a bottle for the both of you – a little product goes a long way.

As you can see, these Brosettes are our hair inspirations from head to toe. From locs, braids, coils, and more, they’ve shown us why they are hair gurus and how men, too can take their styles to another level using Camille Rose products. To all of our Brosettes – check out these inspirations to find a recipe and routine that works for you. But don’t be shy – show us your favorite results so you can be tagged as an inspiring Brosette next! 

Image via @willnotwilly

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