Traveling for Memorial Day? Here Are 3 Essentials You Must Pack!

Traveling for Memorial Day? Here Are 3 Essentials You Must Pack!

Sunny, hot, sizzlin’ days are ahead! From LA to D.C., we know all our Rosettes will be jet settin’ and flying out this Memorial Day weekend. To make your traveling easier, we’ve selected some of our favorite products that will keep your skin hydrated and glowy on the plane, and your hair moisturized and protected in the sun. Go ahead and throw these go-to Camille Rose products into your suitcase and keep it cute and classy all weekend long!

The Best Cleanser You Could Ever Use on Your Face

Our Glow Anti-Blemish Cleansing Bar will keep your skin vibrant when that perfect lighting hits your face! This delightful recipe includes Camphor Bark to fight acne, blemishes, and palm and coconut oils to keep your skin supple. Can we say, selfie?

The Perfect Conditioner to Rock Poolside

Need a moisturizer that can keep it cute while rocking your bikini? You definitely should add our Coconut-Water Leave-In Treatment to your beach bag! This lightweight hair nourisher includes pure coconut waters and fruit extracts to deeply penetrate your hair. Remember when Jay Z said, “I bought sand to the beach ‘cause my beach is better?” Yeah – it’s like that.

The Oil that will take your Hair Around the World

Headed overseas for the weekend? You should pack our favorite tropical oil in your bag to channel your inner Carmen San Diego. Our Buritti Nectar Repair Oil contains Buritti fruit oil from the Amazonian Rainforest to condition your hair and boost its shine to new levels.

We hope you have a safe and amazing Memorial Day weekend while staying cute and conditioned! Show off your looks and tag us in your IG photos @camillerosenaturals

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