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Tips to Keep Your Short Hair Super Cute with Rosette Alyssa Marie

“I’ve definitely experienced a deeper level of truly loving my natural self. Before my big chop, I had no idea how amazing I’d look and feel with my natural hair!”

Those are the bold and confident words of Beauty influencer Alyssa Marie. This Rosette truly knows how to embrace her natural and fabulous beauty. Camille’s Corner caught up with he to get a better feel of what her big-chop natural journey has been like, and what truly motivates her to keep going.

“I didn’t consider becoming a beauty influencer until recently. Ever since, it’s been so much fun! I love sharing my natural hair journey and getting to interact with other naturalistas across the globe. I’ve gained a deep appreciation for natural hair and all that it stands for. Team natural all the way!”

We all know that “going natural” comes with its fair share of personal challenges. It takes a lot of patience and self-confidence. Whether your goal for transition is healthier hair, or you’re learning to embrace your natural textures in fact, sometimes it’s easier for women to just start over. That could be by “big chopping” or transitioning from perm or straightened hair back to its natural texture.

“Going natural’ is not for everybody. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with transitioning instead of big chopping. For the big chop, you have to make sure it’s something you’re ready for. But girl, once you do it, it’s life changing! And don’t ever think that you need long hair to be beautiful, because true beauty comes from within!”

Her cute, creative and simple styles for her TWA (“teeny weeny afro”), keep her followers tuned in everyday eagerly awaiting what she will do next. No matter the style, her favorite ‘dos are always styled with our beloved Camille Rose Curl Maker! This sweet, defining jelly contains smoothing agave extracts that helps with detangling, defining, and softening your curls.

Here’s Alyssa’s top three go-to hairstyles:

Frohawk: Go from 0 to 100 really quick for a night out! This is a super simple way to make a statement in less than 15 minutes. Alyssa uses the curl maker to keep the sides of her hair sleek and shiny.

Double poofs: Alyssa can dress this hairstyle up or down because it’s super versatile! “Camille Rose Curl Maker is great for forming the ponytails and can also be used to tame your edges!” Alyssa says.

Wash-n-Go Fro: “This is probably the easiest, of my favorites”, she says, “Camille Rose Curl Maker never steers me wrong!”

This new year are you considering adopting more natural hairstyles, or making a major change to your hair like a big chop? If so, we are excited to be your trusted BFF along the way, keeping your transition fun, stylist and healthy.