These Black-Owned Foundation Companies Go Perfect with Clean, Flawless Skin

These Black-Owned Foundation Companies Go Perfect with Clean, Flawless Skin
The summer brings in great weather and fun activities, but it can also be rough on your skin. The hotter temperatures can make you more prone to sweating, which can clog your pores and agitate your skin if you don’t adapt to a skincare routine fit for warmer weather. In hot girl summer 2020, we want all of our Rosettes to experience beautiful, glowy skin no matter what the temperature is. Face by Camille Rose is the perfect skincare collection for all types.

Choose from our garden-inspired FACE products include an exfoliator, clay mask, facial moisturizer, anti-aging cream, under-eye gel, and our fresh tone make-up remover. Or, use them all! These products restore and create a soft, smooth balance for your skin regardless of where you’re at on the healthy skin journey.

Speaking of skin, what’s better than gorgeous skin and makeup?! check out some of our favorite Black-owned cosmetics companies that will go perfect with your FACE products!

Fenty Beauty
Singer Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty created Fenty Beauty, and this line showers us with pure diversity. Fenty Beauty’s inclusivity, diversity, and quality helped pave the way for representation and other Black-owned beauty brands. Its products are known for their light to feel with fifty shades to choose from. You’re certain to find the perfect match to boost your flawless skin!

Iman Cosmetics
Iman Cosmetics is the OG Black-Owned Beauty Brand. Founded by the Somali Fashion Model, Iman, this cosmetics line has been around for 25 years! With a beautiful twelve-shade collection and cruelty-free products, Iman Cosmetics is a wonderful choice when shopping for cosmetics from a trusted, successful brand.

Laws of Nature Cosmetics
Laws of Nature Cosmetics is remarkable in more ways than one! Owned by Jasmine Rose, the organic cosmetic brand is perfect for those who are health conscious. After her mother was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 2007, Jasmine learned more about the links between certain chemicals and how they affected breast cancer. She became more aware of what she was purchasing, and in 2015 she launched The Foxy Finish Mineral Crème Foundation. This product is formulated without parabens, silicones, and mineral oils, and on par with keeping your skin healthy and clean.

The Lip Bar
The Lip Bar is raw and real! Founder Melissa Butler launched The Lip Bar in 2012 because she was incredibly frustrated with the beauty industry. She became passionate about her advocacy for women of color, which became the inspiration behind her vegan and cruelty-free, makeup brand. The foundation is smooth and provides a nice glow that can complement any skin tone very well.

Mented Cosmetics
Mented Cosmetics is a two-queen show. The beauty branded blossomed when owners KJ Miller and Amanda Johnson had a conversation about finding the perfect nude lip color. Mented Cosmetics offers a nude-colored foundation and lipstick that can complete your look and highlight your beautifully clear skin.

Any of these beauty brands would create a winning combo when paired with our FACE collection. Our skin-perfecting collection not only gives you clean skin, it also brings out your flawless complexion, dewy glow, and sets the tone for a beautiful makeup beat.

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