The Brains Behind Camille Rose Beauty

The Brains Behind Camille Rose Beauty
This week, we’re highlighting our very own superwoman, Bridget aka @bridgie_xoxo! Bridget is not only a powerhouse bringing brains and beauty to our Camille Rose creative team, but she also brings strategy and manages our social media marketing for @CamilleRoseBeauty. We caught up with her to discuss her journey to Camille Rose, how she maintains her gorgeous, glowing skin, and what she loves the most about being in social media marketing.

Camille’s Corner: What brought you to Camille Rose, and how long have you been with the team?

@bridgie_xoxo: I’ve been working with the Camille Rose Naturals brand since 2014! After landing the social media coordinator position posted on a job search site, I started working with Camille Rose Naturals. Initially, I managed Camille Rose’s Twitter page, and then I landed a role as an executive assistant to Camille Rose’s founder and CEO, Janell Stephens. I left to pursue other opportunities, and I recently came back to Camille Rose in November 2019 to be the social media coordinator for Camille Rose Beauty.

Camille’s Corner: What do you love about your roles at Camille Rose the most?

@bridgie_xoxo: My first social media coordinator role was a fantastic way to start off my career straight out of college! I traveled with the brand representing Camille Rose at different events and learned so much. I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world!

Camille’s Corner: What are your top two Camille Rose hair products?

@bridgie_xoxo: Oh my gosh, this is a tough question! My hair and skin crave different products depending on the season. In the spring and summer months, it can be pretty humid outside, so the Coconut Water Leave-In and the Lavender Crush Defining Gel are my go-to products! I can pretty much get away with just these two products in my hair – they work well to complement each other for bounce and shine.

Camille’s Corner: Nice! We love that hair combo, too. What about your top two Camille Rose skin products?

@bridgie_xoxo: I struggle with hormonal acne, so I heavily rely on the “Flora Detox” mask, which zaps away pore-clogging sebum without drying my skin out. I also love the Rice Bran bar.

Camille’s Corner: The Rice Bran bar is a classic!

@bridgie_xoxo: Yes, it’s incredible. It helps with hyperpigmentation and leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean!

Camille’s Corner: What’s a typical day managing @TheCamilleRoseBeauty like for you?

@bridgie_xoxo: Well first thing’s first, I check the @CamilleRoseBeauty inbox on Instagram every morning. We get DMs from all over the world from our awesome Rosettes, so I try my best to reply to them all with our product recommendations.

Camille’s Corner: What product do you recommend the most?!

@bridgie_xoxo: FACE is a fantastic collection because you have everything you need to help you on the path to clear skin.

I then surf the Camille Rose feed to see what new trends influencers are creating. Because of the COVID-19 quarantine, I’ve been seeing a ton of creativity from our Rosettes, and loving it! I then hop on my laptop to check updates on our project management site, manage the influencer business and logistics. But honestly, every day is different.

Camille’s Corner: Love it! It sounds like your typical workday is jam-packed. What’s your favorite task to do every day?

@bridgie_xoxo: I enjoy making cute Instagram stories, polls, trivia, and games for our beauty muses. Skincare is something near and dear to my heart, so I love to give our followers the inside scoop on new trends and ways to help them stay clear and radiant.

Camille’s Corner: That’s amazing. We love that YOU love being a part of the Camille Rose team. You provide such great work! What do you feel is the best perk working here at Camille Rose Naturals?

@bridgie_xoxo: The people I get to meet virtually are AMAZING! The other day, I worked with one of the actresses from my favorite childhood television show, Degrassi, for Instagram Live. Teenage Bridget was absolutely screaming inside! Also, trying out all the products in the Camille Rose Brand is fantastic!

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