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Super Ingredients in our Super Foods Hair and Nail Growth Vitamins

By a show of hands, “How many of you have experienced some sort of hair loss?” Most of us have. Whether it’s poor diet, too much heat or over-styling, thinning hair that oftentimes breaks is a serious issue we need to address.

In our recent post, we discussed the many ways your hair could be letting you know it’s in dire need of care, but what do you do next, you ask?

Well, Rosettes, it’s time to add the power of a hair supplement like our Super Foods Hair and Nail Growth Vitamin to your hair care regiment. According to research, including supplements into your hair regime significantly improves the luster, strengthen and shine of tresses.

The value in doing so is extraordinary. In fact, adding the right supplement to your hair care routine, not only increases hair growth, but improves hair’s overall hair volume and thickness. Our enriched supplement uses the power of glacial extracts to deeply penetrate nurture the scalp so that hair is protected from the inside out.

Here's what you should know about the power of the ingredients in our vitamins.

White Tea Extract
This ancient Chinese ingredient is packed with antioxidants that protect hair against the sun’s harmful UV rays as well as decrease split ends and breakage.

Bamboo Stem
Bamboo Stem is a miraculous natural plant full of silica, which improves blood circulation to the scalp for healthier hair with brilliant shine.

Found in Africa, Mexico and Hawaii, Spirulina is algae full of a minerals and omega fatty acids to preserve the shininess of the hair, fight dandruff and promote an overall thickness to hair from root to tip.

Kelp Powder
Kelp powder is traditionally found on the coasts of northern coasts of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans of Baltic seas. It is rich in minerals like iodine and amino acids working together to replenish deficiencies in iron, which can traditionally cause to hair loss.

Alfalfa Sprout
The benefits of this herb are truly amazing! It is considered a super ingredient as it contains Vitamins A, C, E and K for healthier hair and your overall immune system.

Commit to healthier hair from the inside out and stop by your local Walgreens to get your hands on not only our Super Foods Hair and Nails Growth Vitamin, but our tropical gourmet blended Coconut Water Collection!

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